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Past Life Sins Astrology: Are There Remedies to Reduce the Effects of Past Life Bad Karma?

Past Life Sins Astrology: Are There Remedies to Reduce the Effects of Past Life Bad Karma?

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There are many interesting Hindu beliefs – like past life sins and debts – that might be debatable for many, but for the believers of astrology, these sensitive issues are real. 

Many Hindu scriptures and all the 4 Vedas make a mention of how the karma of the past life affects the present life of a person. 

The past life sins astrology concept isn’t new, yet not many people are aware of the exact developments of rebirth, past life connections, and past life curses. If you’re someone who doesn’t know about these things but wants to know about them, then this karmic guide is made just for you.

Relevance of Past Life in the Current Life

Astrology suggests that every single deed from the past life is carried into the current life. The entire process is related to the cycle of karma and moksha. Only when a soul is able to clear the past life sins that it is able to achieve moksha/salvation (freed from the cycle of taking birth again and again).

The relevance of this cycle (rebirth and suffering) is as follows.

  1. A soul isn’t reborn immediately after death. There’s a proper planetary and star alignment for the soul to get back on earth in a mortal body.
  2. The type of life that a soul will get upon rebirth depends upon Sanchit Karma – the accumulation of past life deeds.
  3. The entire karmic cycle of rebirth in past life sins astrology is known as the dasa system.

What Is the Dasa System in Astrology?

Dasa or Dasha means state of planets in astrology. According to Hindu Vedas, it is this system that decides whether a planet in a rashi (horoscope) will offer blessings and fortune or bring bad luck.

There are 12 houses in a birth chart and the ruling planets of all the houses are different. These planets keep moving from one house to the other. Here’s the catch about these movements – not all the planets are friends, some are enemies too. So, if an enemy planet enters in a house and the ruling planet of that house becomes weak or agitated, it leads to different types of doshas. Some of those doshas are the result of past life sins.

These doshas (curses) that stem out due the past life deeds is best explained by Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – the only branch of astrology that keeps a record of karma phal. According to it, the 6 most extreme karmic doshas due to past life sins are as follows.

Kaal Sarpa Dosha

Also known as the curse of snakes, the kaal sarpa dosha happens if you have killed snakes in the past life. It is caused by the anger of Rahu and Ketu – also known as the Planets of Karma – in a horoscope. If a person is suffering from the curse of snakes, he or she faces many hurdles like mental restlessness, negativity, poverty, and a disturbed married life. If an astrologer confirms that you have the curse of snakes, here’s how you can remedy it.

  1. Recite the Panchakshari Mantra (Om Namah Shivaya) to please Lord Shiva.
  2. Recite Maha Mrituyanjaya Jaap and the beej mantra 108 times daily.
  3. Offer water to a peepal tree every Saturday.


Pitra Dosha

According to past life sins astrology, the Pitra dosha (curses of forefathers) is caused when Rahu enters the 5th House. Pitra shrapp may not actually be because of your own misdeeds, it can also happen due to the ill-deeds of your forefathers.

Remember, there are three types of pitras – according to vastu shastra – that are responsible for protecting a person from curses from 3 sides. When it doesn’t happen, pitra dosha occurs. Its results are unpleasant.

  1. It can cause accidents and untimely death.
  2. It causes mental disturbance and a person with this dosha leads most of their life in poverty.

That said, the different remedies for pitra dosha are as follows.

  1. Offer food to Brahmins exactly 15 days after every Amavasya.
  2. Perform the Trapandri Shraad for all the three pitras.

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Maatr Shraap

You have to have done very evil deeds to be suffering from Maatr Sharp (curses of mothers). It happens to people who have mistreated their mothers in the past life. The different problems that you might suffer due to this sin are as follows.

  1. You won’t be able to sire children.
  2. The untimely death of your mother in the present life.

Here’s how you can remedy the maatr shraap in your horoscope.

  1. Graha shanti pooja to calm down Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and the Sun helps in reducing the malice of the curses of the mother.
  2. Water the peepal tree every Saturday.
  3. Visit a temple daily and offer milk and food to the poor.


Bhaatra Shrap

Bhaatra means brother. The Bhaatra shraap is also known as the curse of a brother. Planet Mars signifies younger brother and Planet Jupiter is for elder brother. It is the interference of these planets, along with Rahu, in the houses of enemy planets that causes the Bhaatra Shraap. When one suffers from this dosha, the results could be any of the following.

  1. Childlessness.
  2. Tainted relationship with siblings in the current life.

The different remedies according to past life sins astrology to remove the curse of brothers are as follows.

  1. Offer your prayers to Vasudeva. When he blesses a person, the Bhaatra shraap becomes less evil.
  2. Feed a cow every day.
  3. Shanti pooja in the house helps too.


Brahmin Shraap

One of the worst curses due to past life sins, the Brahmin shraap can rise due to the following planetary alignments.

  1. When Saturn and Jupiter are in the Lagna koota and Rahu is in the destiny place at the same time.
  2. When Rahu sits in the 5th House and Jupiter is in the 6th, 8th, or, 12 house.

The different remedies for Brahmin shraap that are most effective are as follows.

  1. Seek the blessings of Brahmins and offer them food and clothes.
  2. Donating gold and arranging shanti pooja can help too.


Patni Shraap

Patni means Wife. It originates due to the following planetary alignment in a kundali.

  1. When Rahu and Saturn sit in the 5th House together.
  2. When the Lord of the 8th house (Mars) is ruled by other lords (Venus or Sun)

Remedies for Curse of Wife

  1. Graha Shanti pooja helps.
  2. Worship little girls and offer them clothes and ornaments.


  1. Past life sins are carried forward in the next life.
  2. Planetary alignment results in different types of karmic curses.
  3. Past life sins astrology does offer multiple remedies to please ruling planets in a horoscope.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of past life sins astrology?

It signifies karmic cycle. The concept is, you sow what you reap. If you’ve done good in your past life, you’ll get good in this life. If you’ve committed sins in a past life, you’ll face many challenges.

2. What doshas are the result of past life sins?

Kaal sarp dosh if you’ve killed innocent animals and snakes in a past life. Pitra dosha if your forefathers have committed sins. Maatr shraap if you have mistreated your mother in a past life. Bhaatra shraap, Brahmin shraap, and patni shraap.

3. What are the most relevant past life sins remedies?

Offering food to Brahmins 15 days after Amavasya can remove pitra dosh. Graha shanti puja to appease Rahu and Ketu, feeding cows everyday, and donating food and clothes are some other effective remedies.

4. What is the best mantra for past life sins?

There are 3. The Panchakshari Mantra, the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, and the Beej Mantra.

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