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5 Amazing Peacock Feather Remedies for Prosperity

5 Amazing Peacock Feather Remedies for Prosperity

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It’s always fascinating to explore astrological remedies for canceling or removing all kinds of problems. What if we tell you that peacock feathers remedies find a special mention in Hindu Vedas? Surprised? Well, don’t be. Other than being beautiful, peacock feathers have very rich ancient roots that belong to the times of Gods and sages. Those are the kinds of stories and benefits of peacock feathers that we will be discussing in this guide. 

Intrigued? If so, dive straight in and explore the mysteries behind the significance of peacock feathers and their astrological benefits!

2 Mythological Stories Behind the Powers of Peacock Feathers 

Everything that humans hold sacred and Holy has some sort of astrological connection. Peacock feathers are no different. There are two stories that astrologers believe in the most. Let’s explore them! 

The Story of Indra Dev

A mention in Uttara Ramayana states that Indra Dev had to hide in a peacock tail for 1000 years to protect himself from Ravana who wanted to snatch his power and status of being the king of all gods. 

He was so pleased with the peacock’s loyalty that he blessed the bird with colorful wings that used to be pale. He also blessed the bird to be fearless of snakes, be brave, and have magical healing powers like that of the mythological bird, Phoenix. 

The Story of Lord Krishna 

It is believed that once Lord Krishna was grazing his cows in a jungle in Govardhan parvat. He started playing flute and the music that was produced was so hypnotizing that all the peacocks in the forest started dancing in joy. It was kind of a festival that transfixed even the Gods from heaven. Lord Krishna continued playing the flute for many days. Gratified for bringing such joy to peacocks, the king of peacocks offered Lore Krishna some of his feathers as Guru Dakshina. 

Lord Krishna accepted the feathers and the minute they touched his crown, all peacock feathers became Holy and were blessed with powers of many kinds. 

5 Peacock Feather Remedies

Mythological tales, time and again, have insisted that many Gods have blessed peacocks in ancient times. It is, thus, believed that there are many peacock feathers remedies to resolve almost all problems that humans face. We have listed 5 such remedies! 

Peacock Feathers for Wealth 

If you’re facing financial problems, then peacock feathers can help in removing obstacles that are causing money problems. The different ways in which you can use peacock feathers to attract wealth are as follows. 

  1. Visit a Radha-Krishna temple and place some peacock feathers in the crown of Lord Krishna. After 40 days bring those feathers home and put them inside the vault where you keep the money. 
  2. Visit an astrologer to find out if you’re facing financial problems due to the malice of a planet. If confirmed, take long strands of peacock feathers in your hand and sprinkle Ganga Jal on the feathers while reciting the mantra of the enraged planet exactly 21 times. After that, keep those feathers in the corner of the house where they are most visible. 

Peacock Feather Remedies for Vastu Dosh 

It is believed that peacock feathers can remove all kinds of Vastu doshas due to architectural defects. 

  1. You should take a painting of Lord Krishna and place some peacock feathers close to Krishna’s feet. Keep them in the Northeast direction of the house. 
  2. Take 8 long peacock feathers and tie them together with a white thread. Chant the mantra Om Somay Namah while tying the thread. Keep them in the Northeast corner of the house. 

Peacock Feather Remedies for Bad Dreams 

Peacock feathers are also known as dream catchers in astrology.

Keeping a peacock feather under pillow at night is known to stop bad dreams. One interesting fact about peacock feathers is that it is believed that while they throw bad dreams away, they retain their good ones. 

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Peacock Feather Remedies for Calming Down Enraged Planets 

Rahu is known as the Ruler of dreams in astrology. So, if enraged, it can give terrible nightmares night after night. And the second planet that results in recurrent bad dreams is Saturn. 

Peacock Feather Remedy for Rahu 

  • Keeping a peacock feather in purse is known to reduce the evil eye of Rahu. 
  • Take long strands of peacock feathers. Sprinkle some gangajal on them, offer supari, and chant ‘Om Dhum Raam Rahave Namah‘ 21 times. 

Peacock Feather Remedy for Saturn 

Take 3 long undamaged strands of peacock feathers. Tie them with a black thread while offering supari and sprinkling gangajal. While doing so, chant ‘Om Shaneswaray Namah‘ 21 times. 

Peacock Feather Remedies for Negativity 

  1. Keeping Peacock feathers at the entrance – Take 3 peacock feathers. Hang them on the entrance. Exactly under them, write the mantra, Dwarpalaaya Namah: Jagraya Sthastye Swaha
  2. Keeping the Painting of a dancing peacock – Hang it on the Northeast wall of the house to keep the evil eyes of Rahu away. 

Directions to Keep Peacock Feathers at Home 

Different directions have different significance. So, keeping peacock feathers in different directions offer different results. Have a look. 

  1. Keeping peacock feathers in the South direction attracts wealth. 
  2. Keeping peacock feathers in the Southeast direction brings good health and heals the sick. 
  3. Keeping peacock feathers in the Northeast direction protects you from Rahu malice. 
  4. Keeping peacock feathers in the master bedroom increases love between married couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are peacock feather remedies for wealth?

You can keep peacock feathers in the South direction that is the direction of Lord Kuber. You can also put peacock feathers in the crown of Krishna murti in a Radha Krishna temple for 40 days. Bring the feathers home and keep them in the vault.

2. What is the benefit of keeping a peacock feather in purse?

It will protect you from the malice of Rahu.

3. What are the benefits of keeping a peacock feather under pillow?

It catches dreams and stops bad dreams and nightmares.  It can also reduce anxiety, jealousy, and stress

4. Is keeping a peacock feather at home good or bad?

It is very good and auspicious. Peacock feathers remove negative energy from home, attract good luck and fortune, and remove financial obstacles.

5. What is the best peacock remedy for Rahu?

Take some peacock feathers and keep them in the Northeast direction. You can also take 3 strands of peacock feathers and offer them your prayers while sprinkling Holy water, adding supari, and simultaneously, chanting the Rahu mantra 21 times.

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