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7 Horses Painting | In depth Study at its Importance and Benefits

7 Horses Painting | In depth Study at its Importance and Benefits

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Success is an essential part of every life in this competitive age. Hard work is the ultimate path to achieving the goals you have in life. However, there are times when even hard work doesn’t fetch you the desired results. It can be due to many reasons. But most astrologers suggest that it is the negative energy that pulls us back. The energy we carry within ourselves and the one present around us play a significant role in our achievements. According to Hindu beliefs, the Vastu Shastra gives various tips on how to bring in positive energy in the environment around us. With positive energy and a belief in Karma, we can move towards our success at a much faster pace.

As mentioned in the Vaastu Shastra, the paintings and pictures we have in our personal and professional spaces decide a lot about the direction in which our lives are heading. The right kind of paint can draw in affection, prosperity, and harmony. The painting of the seven horses is one such auspicious painting, believed to be a symbol of speed and stability in one’s life.

Let us learn about the significance and what benefits the painting brings to our lives.

Significance of the number 7

The exact reason behind the number 7 is still unknown. But we know that it is a lucky and auspicious number for the followers of Hinduism. We see the magic of nature, the rainbow, in seven colors. The establishment of Hindu marriages lies in the seven vows taken by the couple. The ancient saints of Hinduism, known as Saptarshi, were also seven in number. Therefore, the use of the number 7 has been there since ancient times.

Significance of the Seven Horses

In Hinduism, the seven horses can be seen with the God of Sun, Surya Dev. These horses are drivers of the chariot which Lord Surya rides. This indicates how auspicious the painting is.

Vaastu tells us that these seven horses are a representation of strength and success. The horses are seen in a running position in the painting, which symbolizes speed and progress towards a successful life filled with positivity. Having a painting of the seven horses in your house or office can help to cut the negative energy that is a major barrier to one’s growth.

5 Benefits of hanging the painting

  1. The world is a much faster place with advancements having every second. Success in this new age requires speed. The running horses in the painting are symbolic of speed. Hanging the painting can bring about quicker and noticeable positive changes in your life. You can complete tasks much faster than your competitors.
  2. For those of you with an artistic instinct, the painting of the seven horses can benefit you. The free and powerful nature of the horses brings about a positive mindset and affects the artistic nature of people.
  3. The prime reason for having a painting of the seven horses is the success that it brings to your life. Whatever field you are in, the painting will bring success for you by balancing all the energies surrounding you.
  4. Feng Shui believes that the seven horses in the painting can enhance your speed, endurance, and courage. The painting brings with it good fortune.
  5. Vastu explains the importance of the different colours in the picture. The red background is associated with planet Mars. It is believed to boost your confidence and self-esteem. A blue background is associated with planet Saturn and brings in harmony. The horses represent the Venus planet which fills your loved ones with positivity.You may also like to read – Vastu Tips for Positive Energy at Home – Do They Help?

Where should you hang the painting?

The painting will benefit you only when placed in the right direction. the Southern wall is probably the best choice. Placing it in this direction brings success and speed. You can also gain fame and a good name when the painting is in the south direction. If there is a window, then make sure the horses are facing out of the window and not inside. You can also place the painting on the North wall. On this side, the painting is believed to promote positive energy and bring in financial growth.

Things to Consider for avoiding negative impact

  1. The painting has the power to impact one’s life negatively if certain rules are not followed. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hanging the painting of seven horses
  2.  Do not hang the painting near bedrooms and bathrooms. It can lead to health issues such as insomnia.
  3. Horses in the image should reflect happiness and confidence. Angry or sad-looking horses can be counter-productive.
  4. All seven horses should be completely visible from head to the shoe. If even one horse’s shoe is not visible, it might bring in bad luck.
  5. Never have a painting of a single horse. It is believed to stop the inflow of wealth to your home.
  6. The symmetry of the galloping horses is also necessary. It represents stability and peace, attributes necessary for success

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the seven horses painting good for home?

Yes. It is believed that the seven horses painting brings power and wealth.

What is the best direction to hang the seven horses painting at home?

The horses should be running in the forward direction. Hang the painting on the southeast wall.

What is the best direction to hang the seven horses painting in the office?

The horses should be running in the forward direction. Hang the painting on the southeast wall.

What color should the horses be in a seven horses painting?

White-colored horses are most auspicious according to Vastu.

What is the significance of a seven horses painting?

Seven horses represent 7 lives. The painting is considered to bring peace and prosperity.

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