Santan Yog – A Complete Guide on the Planets Responsible for it | Find Out What Your Kundali Says

Santan Yog – A Complete Guide on the Planets Responsible for it | Find Out What Your Kundali Says

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Planets and their position in a birth chart account for every success and failure that a person faces in life. And having children is no different. Not every married couple is blessed with children. And some couples are blessed with children immediately after getting married even if they don’t plan to get pregnant. It’s nothing but the science of planets that creates Santan Yog.

In this guide, we will be taking you through the many planetary combinations that determine whether or not you can have children. We will also be taking you through certain astrological remedies for getting a child if the malice of planets is affecting the progeny negatively. Dive in! 

What is Santan Yog? 

Santan Yog in Kundli is the astrological reading about the presence of certain planets in a birth chart that determines whether or not a couple will be blessed with children. 

Facts About Santan Yog and the 5th House in Astrology 

It’s the 5th house in a birth chart that’s responsible for children. So, the presence of planets in this house decides whether and when a couple will have children.  

  1. The Vedic name of the 5th House in astrology is Putra Bhava, a Putra meaning Son. 
  2. The Sun is native Lagna Lord of the 5th house. 
  3. Leo is the native Lagna Rashi (zodiac sign) of the 5th House. 
  4. It’s also known as the house of pregnancy/progeny since it is associated with the stomach.
  5. The presence of other planets in this house decides whether or not the child to be born will have any sort of physical or mental disability. 

4 Planets and Planetary Combinations Responsible for Santan Yog in Kundli 

Position of Venus in the Birth Chart for Santan Yog

Venus is the ruling planet of the 7th house in a birth chart. When it’s strong and, at the same time, the sun, too, is strong in its native house (the 5th house), it creates a strong Santan Yog. 

Position of Jupiter in the Birth Chart 

Jupiter should be strong in a birth chart for Santan Yog to form. The most auspicious and ideal scenario would be a strong Jupiter in the 9th or 12th House and a strong Sun or Venus in the 5th House.

When Jupiter in the birth chart of the mother is strong, the child born is very intelligent and has exceptional communication skills. 

Children born to mothers with a strong Jupiter become great public speakers and do exceptionally well in the field of journalism and media management. 

Position of Rahu in the Birth Chart 

Rahu is the planet of justice. It decides Karma phal (the result of karma) and karma phal has a big role to play in the formation of Santan Yog. 

  1. If Rahu sits in the 5th House of the mother and is malefic, it results in miscarriages. Even worse, the child dies soon after birth. 
  2. If Rahu and Shukra are in the fifth house together, it means that the couple does not have a Santan Yog in the Kundli.

Saturn is the 5th House 

This combination offers mixed results. Some combinations that are quite important in astrology are as follows. 

  1. When Saturn in the 5th house is associated with the Moon, either no child is born or the child dies after birth. 
  2. When Saturn in the 5th House is neutral with Jupiter, it delays the birth of children. Such couples are blessed with a child of their own after they have already adopted a child. Another possibility is that the couple gets a second child only after the first child turns 5, 7, or 12 years old. 

Position of Planets for Getting a Son 

  1. When the ruling Planet of the 5th House in a horoscope sits in the 6th house. 
  2. When the Sun in the 11th House is strong and has an eye on the 5th House. 
  3. When Mars is in the 4th, 7th, or 8th house and has a kind eye on the 5th House. 

2 Astrological Remedies to Get a Child 

Get Your Birth Chart Checked to Find and Correct Doshas

Pitra dosh and Dev shrap are the two main doshas that result in childlessness. So, get your and your spouse’s birth chart read by an astrologer. If these doshas are found in the Kundli, the following remedies can help. 

  1. Conduct a Pitru Tarpan puja.
  2. Offer food and donate new red clothes to Brahmins. 

Vidhis, Yantra, and Mantra Remedies for Santan Yog

If you’re not having children, the following vidhis, yantras, and mantras can help. 

  1. Take a gomti chakra and rotate it around your and your spouse’s head 7 times on Holi. Burn this chakra in the Holika Dahan fire pyre. 
  2. If you’re a female without children, you should feed jaggery and chana to cows every day. 
  3. Purchase a Santan Gopal Yantra to please bal Gopal (the baby form of Lord Sri Krishna). 
  4. Worship a Banyan tree every Thursday to seek the blessings of the Planet Jupiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Santan Yog?

Santan yog is the planetary combination that decides whether or not a couple will have a child.

2. Which planet is responsible for children?

Jupiter (Guru Graha) is responsible for child yog (Santan Yog) in a Kundli.

3. Which House is responsible for Children?

The 5th house is the house of progeny. It is also known as Putra Bhava.

4. What are the remedies for childlessness?

Feeding Jaggery to a cow every day and worshiping a Santan Gopal Yantra are known to bless childless couples with children. You can also worship a banyan tree on Thursdays.

5. Which planet causes a delay in childbirth?

Saturn causes a delay in childbirth. Rahu is also a malefic planet that creates problems in conceiving children.