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Gomti Chakra: A Detailed  Guide into Gomti Chakra Benefits

Gomti Chakra: A Detailed Guide into Gomti Chakra Benefits

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A Gomti chakra is a rounded white-colored stone that’s found in the Gomti river in Gujarat, India. It is known to be an amazing healing stone that’s blessed by Gods. In this guide, we will take you through the many Gomti chakra benefits, the legends associated with this magical stone, and the different ways to use it. Dive in! 

The Legends of Gomti Chakra 

There are many legends associated with the Gomti Chakra. According to Hindu mythology, Gomti chakras used to be a part of Lord Krishna’s palace in Dwarka. If you look closely, the pattern on the top of a Gomti chakra resembles the shape of Lord Sri Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra. Indian astrology also asserts that a Gomti Chakra is associated with the Hindu Goddess of luck and wealth, Goddess Lakshmi. 

It is believed that this healing stone, also known as cow’s eye stone, is blessed by both Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi. 

5 Gomti Chakra Benefits 

It Offers Protection from Evil Eyes

It is believed that a gomti chakra can protect you and your family from the Evil Eyes of neighbors and people who are jealous of your success. According to Vedic astrology, this stone works as a protective shield and is particularly effective for children. 

Many people use the Gomti Chakra to make a nazaria (a bracelet or a locket to keep away evil eyes) for toddlers as protection. 

How to use a Gomti Chakra for Evil Eyes? 

  1. Take 11 original Gomti Chakras and purify them with Gangajal. 
  2. Rotate them over your head and the head of your family members 7 times in the clockwise direction. 
  3. Go to a secluded empty place and throw away the stones as far as you can. 
  4. Return straight home without looking back. 

The reason that 11 gomti stones are used in almost all rituals is that 11 is the most spiritual number in numerology.

It Offers Protection From Vastu Dosha Ill-Effects 

The Vastu of a house is very important. If the house has any Vastu defect, the residents face a lot of problems like frequent fights with spouse and family members, falling sick frequently, and negative thoughts. It is believed that Gomti Chakra can offer relief from Vastu dosha effects in many ways. 

How to use Gomti Chakra for Vastu Dosh? 

  1. Burying 11 gomti chakra stones under the foundation when the house is being constructed is considered to be a very auspicious ceremony.
  2. If the house is already constructed, you can keep Gomti chakra stones in the southeast corner of the house. It eliminates negative energies. 

It Brings Wealth and Good Luck 

As we have already listed, a Gomti chakra is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. It is one of the items that’s most loved by the goddess. Keeping these stones, thus, pleases the goddess and she blesses the person with fortune, wealth, and good luck. It’s one of the best gomti stone benefits since it can make you very rich.  

You can keep gomti chakras in even numbers (2, 4, 6, or 8) in your wallet or purse to attract money. It is an amazing Feng shui tip to attract money. 

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How to use Gomti Chakra for Wealth and Luck? 

  1. Take 11 gomti chakras and wash them with gangajal. Keep them in the Mandir near the feet of goddess Lakshmi’s idol. Worship the Goddess. Now, wrap these chakras in new red cloth (preferably satin or silk) and keep them in the safe of the house.
  2. Take 11 gomti chakras and 11 coconuts. Wrap them in a new yellow cloth and keep them next to the Lakshmi idol in the puja room. Worship them daily.
  3. Keep 11 Gomti chakras in the mandir. Clean them with gangaajal and milk and apply a turmeric tilak on each stone. Keep the stones in the feet of Lord Shiva’s idol and chant OM 108 times. Tie these stones in new yellow cloth and show them to every corner of your house. Once the ritual is complete, submerge these stones in a flowing river. 

It Brings Stability in a Marriage 

There are many reasons that couples suffer from estrangement in a marriage. Vastu dosh and evil eyes are the two most common reasons. And as you know by now, gomti chakra stones can protect you from both these problems. Hence, they bring stability to a marriage. 

Take 11 gomti stones and keep them in a new box of vermilion (sindoor). It is known to rekindle love and respect between estranged couples. 

It Improves the Intelligence and Intellect of Children 

A gomti chakra is known to help children in studies by increasing their concentration. It is, in fact, one of the best gomti chakra pendant benefits. There are many other ways in which a gomti chakra pendant helps students. 

  1. It improves communication skills. 
  2. It reduces the inferiority complex. 
  3. It makes children more confident and motivated. 

How to use a gomti chakra pendant for children? 

  1. Take one original gomti chakra and thoroughly wash it with gangaajal.
  2. Keep it in the puja room near the feet of Goddess Saraswati’s picture. 
  3. Recite the Saraswati Vidya Mantra, Saraswati Namastubhyam Varade Kamarupini Vidyarambham Karishyami Siddhir Bavathume Sadha, 108 times. 
  4. Make a pendant of this stone and make the child wear it. 

Astrologers suggest wearing a gomti chakra pendant in a silver chain. Also, remember to activate the stone with the Saraswati Vidya mantra on a Friday morning before wearing the pendant. 

4 Miscellaneous Gomti Chakra Locket Benefits 

  1. It creates new promotion opportunities at work. 
  2. It can bring growth in business. 
  3. It offers protection from black magic. 
  4. It helps in winning legal battles and court cases related to financial disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Gomti Chakra stone?

It is a white-colored stone with a swirl pattern on the top. It is found in the Gomti river in Gujarat. Astrologers also believe that Gomti chakra stones are the broken pieces of Sri Krishna’s palace in Dwarka.

2. What are gomti chakra benefits?

It is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, it brings wealth, good luck, and prosperity. It also offers protection from evil eyes and Vastu dosh.

3. What are gomti chakra pendant benefits?

It is believed that wearing a gomti chakra pendant after worshipping Devi Saraswati increases intellect and intelligence. It also improves the confidence level and communication skills of children.

4. When to wear a gomti chakra locket?

It is believed that a gomti chakra locket benefits can be experienced when it’s worn on a Friday morning.

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