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A Complete Guide on Taurus Ascendant, Taurus Rising | Are Taurus Ascendant, Taurus Rising Lucky?

A Complete Guide on Taurus Ascendant, Taurus Rising | Are Taurus Ascendant, Taurus Rising Lucky?

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You must have heard or read about your zodiac sign. Most probably, you know it too. If you don’t, you can just look at your birth month and find out which zodiac sign you belong to. But, do you know what your ascendant sign is and what makes zodiac signs and ascendant signs different? This guide is betrothed to introduce you to the truth about ascendant signs. We have specifically covered the Taurus ascendant personality in this guide. 

Dive in to unearth the entire mystery revolving around Taurus ascendants. 

Meaning of Taurus Ascendant – What is the difference between Ascendant Sign and Zodiac Sign? 

The natives born on or between April 20th and May 21st have the Taurus zodiac sign. Now, the zodiac sign is also known as the Sun sign. But, it’s different from your ascendant sign

Let’s give you an example of what makes Taurus your ascendant sign. You could be any zodiac sign, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and so on. That is your Sun sign (zodiac sign). Your ascendant sign is that zodiac that was present in your 1st house when you were born (the exact time). 

Precisely, Taurus ascendant sign represents those people who had Taurus zodiac sign in the 1st house in their natal chart at the time of their birth. 

Clearly, you could be a Leo and still be a Taurus ascendant, and so on. The bottom line, thus, is your zodiac sign doesn’t need to be the same as your ascendant sign. 

Here’s a rare scenario: In some cases, your zodiac sign could also be your ascendant sign. For example, you were born in the month of Taurus (April 20th – May 21st), and the Taurus zodiac, at the time of your birth, was present in your 1st house. It means, your zodiac sign is the same as your ascendant sign in this case.

Facts About Taurus Ascendants – How Does Your Ascendant Sign Affect You? 

The rising sign and Lagna are the other names for the Ascendant sign only. It means that Taurus Lagna, Taurus rising, and Taurus ascendant are the same things. 

The ascendant sign is the social facade of a native. It’s how the world thinks about you (your social personality) and sees you (your physical appearance). In the language of Vedic astrology, a person as a whole (physical appearance, mental state, emotional state, and spiritual state) is a combination of Zodiac sign (Sun sign), Moon sign, and the rising zodiac sign (ascendant sign). 

That being said, we’d like to put down some interesting facts about Taurus ascendants and how Taurus rising sign affects you as a person. 

  1. Venus is the ruling body of Taurus. That means Venus is the Lagna lord of Taurus ascendants
  2. Venus represents luxury, attractive looks, wealth, sex, and fame. These are, thus, the traits that define you. People around you will see you and judge you based on these traits of Venus

5 Things You Should Know About Taurus Ascendant Individuals 

Taurus Ascendant Looks – Why are Taurus Ascendants so Attractive? 

Taurus is ruled by none other than the planet of beauty, Venus. As a result, Taurus ascendants have attractive bodies and killer looks.  

A Taurus ascendant woman’s physical appearance is something that you’ll always remember. These women usually have a medium height and flawless skin. They have big eyes that are mostly dark black or dark brown. They have long necks and perfectly fuller lips

A Taurus ascendant man has a strong body as that of a bull (the symbol of Taurus). They’re neither too tall nor too short. More than their face, it’s their enigmatic personality and confidence that make them irresistible. They’re always the best-dressed men in a room. However, due to their love for food, they can get a bit stout around their bellies in their mid-thirties. 

We have listed some of the most popular Taurus celebrities that will prove our point in the section below. 

  1. Taurus Ascendant Woman Celebrities – Andie MacDowell,  Gigi Hadid, Mariah Carey, and Miley Cyrus. 
  2. Taurus Ascendant Man Celebrities – Robert Pattinson and David Letterman. In fact, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Taurus rising too. 

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Taurus Ascendant Personality – Is Taurus Rising Rare? 

One might expect all the 12 zodiac signs to be exactly 30° apart. That’s, however, not true. Out of the total 12 Zodiac signs, Taurus and Aries quadrants are much more narrow than the others. Needless to say, it makes Taurus rising very rare indeed. 

  1. They Love to Show Off – Taurus ascendants have exquisite taste in fashion and jewelry. They like to dress up and love it when others notice and admire them. It wouldn’t be entirely inappropriate to call them materialistic. 
  2. They have a Knack for Expensive Things – A Taurus ascendant can put your entire collection of branded apparel and exquisite gems to shame. These people will always somehow end up placing their hands on the most expensive things in a store. 
  3. They can be very persistent – You might assume that beauty and luxury can blind or distract Taurus ascendants. That’s, though, far from the truth. They are so driven to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that they persistently chase their goal. 
  4. They Hoard Stuff – It’s one of the drawbacks actually. Taurus ascendants end up hoarding so many things, expensive things, that it can lead them to financial troubles. 
  5. They are Stubborn – When a bull makes its mind, nobody can change it. Taurus ascendants are steady and so focused that it’s just next to impossible to change their opinion. 
  6. They are Loyal – This is the exceptional quality of Taurus ascendants that attract other people around them. A Taurus ascendant never cheats. Period!
  7. They are Possessive in Love – Taurus ascendants, both men and women, are possessive and jealous lovers. They aren’t the spying kind of psychos though. 

Taurus Ascendant Love Life – Are Taurus Ascendants Lucky? 

Taurus ascendants aren’t the type of people who blindly chase love. They live in the moment, especially Taurus ascendant men. They don’t anticipate all their relationships to bloom. 

  1. Both Mars and Mercury should be well-placed for Taurus ascendants to enjoy a smooth love life and married life. 
  2. When they do fall in love, which can be just as rare as their rising, they expect loyalty more than anything else.
  3. They might not be looking for love, but they do not believe in having meaningless sex either. They are very much emotionally present in a relationship whether or not they see their future in their current partners. 

Whether or not they are lucky in love entirely depends upon the position of their Mercury. And, whether or not their marriage will be blissful depends upon their Mars.

Taurus Ascendant Compatibility – Who should a Taurus Ascendant Marry? 

Taurus ascendant compatibility for marriage is something to ponder about. These people are special and it requires someone special to see beyond their materialistic facade. If you’re anyone of the following, a Taurus ascendant is your true calling. 

  1. Capricorn ascendants and zodiac signs. 
  2. Taurus ascendants and zodiac signs.
  3. Virgo ascendants and zodiac signs.
  4. Pisces ascendants and zodiac signs.
  5. Cancer ascendants and zodiac signs.
  6. Scorpio ascendants and zodiac signs.

A Taurus woman in bed can drive you nuts. When in her element, she’s very raunchy. If you’re the chatty kind of lover who can compliment her beauty while making love, you’ll be thoroughly rewarded. 

Taurus Ascendant Health – Is Taurus Rising Bad? 

Taurus rising is one of the best times to be born. Taurus ascendants usually enjoy a very good disease-free life throughout their childhood and even in the later years of their life. Their taste for wine can be a cause of worry though. 

There’s a caution for Taurus ascendant men. Their love for exquisite cuisines can make them fat in their middle age. It’s, therefore, very important that these men keep their eating habits in check. Also, these people can catch a cold and flu easily

Diamond is the gemstone for Venus. Thus, astrologers always recommend that a Taurus ascendant should wear a high-carat diamond for good luck and good health. 

Bird’s-eye View of Taurus Ascendants

Connection of Planets With Taurus Ascendants 

Venus, obviously, is a friend of Taurus ascendants being their Lagna Lord. Other than that, the following planets matter the most in the life of a Taurus ascendant. 

  1. Friendly Planets for Taurus Ascendant – Saturn is an amazing friend of Taurus ascendants. Mercury is another friendly planet since it’s a friend of Venus. 
  2. Malice/Enemy Planets for Taurus Ascendant – Jupiter is the biggest enemy planet that, if placed badly, can create many hurdles in the life of Taurus ascendants. 

Best Career Options for Taurus Ascendant – Are Taurus Rising Rich? 

Venus makes these people not just creative and focused, it also gives them the desire to earn wealth so that they can afford all the luxuries of life. On top of it, Saturn, the ruling planet of the 9th and 10th houses (the houses of wealth and career) is a friend of Venus. Needless to say, if these people put their heads and skills to use, they can become extremely successful and rich. 

They flare best in fashion designing, jewelry designing, acting, singing, and painting. Also, agriculture, IT, and advertising are suitable sectors for a Taurus ascendant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of Taurus ascendant?

The 1st house is known as the ascendant house in Vedic astrology. When the Taurus zodiac sits in the 1st house at the time of birth of a native, he/she becomes a Taurus ascendant.

2. What does an ascendant in Taurus mean?

It means that the native is creative, persistent, and loyal. It also means that the native is materialistic and stubborn.

3. Are Taurus rising attractive?

Yes. Venus makes a Taurus ascendant woman very beautiful with flawless skin and lush fuller lips. A Taurus ascendant man has the strength of a bull in his arms.

4. How is a Taurus ascendant woman in bed?

She’s bold and raunchy. What makes her wild are compliments that you shower on her beauty while making love to her.

5. Who is Taurus rising most compatible with?

Taurus ascendants are most compatible with both ascendant and sun signs Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

6. What are Taurus rising attracted to?

Taurus ascendants don’t fall in love very quickly. When they do, all they find attractive is their partner’s loyalty.

7. What are the best Taurus rising careers?

Taurus ascendants can be exceptional fashion designers, jewelry designers, actors, singers, and painters. They also flare very well in the agriculture, IT, and advertising sectors.

8. Who is Taurus ascendant Lord?

Venus is the ascendant Lord of Taurus rising. That’s the reason that these people are so attracted to expensive and beautiful clothes and jewels.

9. What is the lucky gemstone for Taurus Ascendants?

Diamond is lucky for Taurus rising because it’s the gemstone of Venus. Taurus ascendants are advised to wear one so that they stay safe from health problems.

10. Which are the enemy planets of Taurus ascendants?

Jupiter bears a lot of animosity with Taurus ascendants because it’s an enemy of Venus.

11. Which planets are friends of Taurus rising?

Venus is obviously a friend of Taurus ascendants. Other than that, Saturn and Mercury are also friends of Taurus ascendants.

12. Are zodiac signs and ascendant signs the same thing?

No. Ascendant signs are those signs that occupy the 1st house at the time you’re born. A Zodiac sign, on the other hand, is the sign of the month you’re born in.

13. Who are the most popular Taurus ascendant celebrities?

The Taurus rising woman celebrities include Andie MacDowell, Gigi Hadid, Mariah Carey, and Miley Cyrus. Taurus rising man celebrities include Robert Pattinson, David Letterman, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

14. What is a Taurus Ascendant marriage like?

It depends upon the placement and position of Mars. If Mars is well-placed, their married life will be happy, smooth, and blissful.

15. Is the Taurus ascendant bad?

No. Taurus rising is actually very good. People born with Taurus in the ascendant house are usually very healthy.

16. Are Taurus ascendants lucky?

Whether or not they’re lucky in love is dependent on the position of Mercury. Their luck in marriage, as we have already mentioned, depends upon the placement of Mars.

17. Why are Taurus ascendants so attractive?

Venus, the planet of beauty, is the Lagna Lord of Taurus ascendants. It gives these people an intense sensual appearance and a magnetic persona.

18. Are Taurus rising rich?

If they decide to and set their mind on it, then, yes. Since they are driven by luxury, they usually acquire a lot of wealth and fame.

19. Is Taurus rising rare?

Yes. The Taurus quadrant is very narrow when compared to the other zodiac signs. Hence, the chances that a person has Taurus in the ascendant house (1st house) are very rare.

20. How is a Taurus ascendant woman physical appearance?

She’s an attractive woman with flawless skin. Her eyes are very big and intense. She’s blessed with fuller aphrodisiac lips.

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