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All About The Strength Tarot Card – The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

All About The Strength Tarot Card – The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

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In case you have been searching about “The Strength Tarot Card meaning” or “The Strength Tarot card”, then you are at the right place.

The Strength Tarot Card Description

In addition to strength, the Tarot’s ninth Major Arcana card, the Strength tarot card, signifies a multitude of other characteristics. Strength was formerly known as fortitude, as seen by the title and artwork. A courageous demeanour, the capacity to maintain composure under duress, and the capacity to collaborate with others while disregarding their defects are all instances of strengths. When this card occurs in a reading, it signifies that you will confront problems in your love life, at work, or in your relationships that will demand you to be patient and enduring.

The Strength Tarot Card Description

On the Strength Tarot card, nature is tamed by our kinder, more acceptable aspects – our feminine sides, our inner selves — while being wild in its original state. To attain harmony on all levels of creation, the will and passion of our innate nature should not be broken, but rather refined and brought to consciousness. The persuasive ability of the feminine soul force can foster and urge others to collaborate, soothing turbulent energies by balancing differences in the spirit of collective benevolence.

According to the Strength tarot card, you should assertively control yourself and differentiate between your interests and enlightened knowledge. Align consciously with your intuition, even if it conflicts with your ego’s wants. Demand and anticipate the same behaviour from everyone else with influence in this circumstance. You cannot demand that people raise their standards if you have not done so themselves. Inspire others by setting an exemplary example. Your self-esteem will increase proportionally to your success.

The Strength Tarot card denotes courage and vigour. It is a card that symbolises courage and ferocity, suggesting the roaring heat of a lion. Additionally, it signifies a brave woman. She is unflappable, unconquerable, and unmovable. The predominant imagery on the Strength card is a woman holding a lemniscate (indicating continuous life and eternity), a lion, and a chain of flowers floating above her head.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright)

The Strength Tarot Card upright

The Strength Tarot Card Upright keywords

Radiant health, inner strength, tenacity, audacity, compassion, concentration, benevolence, fortitude, influence, bravery, and daring.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright) Meaning

The upright Strength tarot card, as the name says, represents strength, courage, persuasion, and patience. It affirms your power and capacity to overcome any obstacle, much like the Chariot. Alternatively, the Strength tarot card pushes you to succeed by your inner strength, whilst the Chariot card represents exterior drive and power. Instead of utilising raw force, you should employ respect and diplomacy. The card also implies that you can stay cheerful, calm, and logical even when your patience and strength are tried.

Strength is the capacity to gain true control over a situation, as opposed to simply pushing one’s will upon it, whether through compassion, cleverness, or understanding. According to the Strength tarot card, you are a very determined individual who can do anything you set your mind to. You are confident and have no problem speaking up and being yourself. In a Tarot reading, the upright Strength card indicates strength, courage, conviction, vigour, energy, and action. It is also a card for taking charge of one’s situation. Take a minute to access your inner strength and raw power if you are experiencing doubts or anxiety. With it, anything is possible. If you continue to behave in this way, you will be successful in whatever you attempt.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright): Love & Relationship

When an upright Strength tarot card comes in a love tarot reading, you may be involved in a fierce and passionate relationship. This card indicates a powerful partnership that is susceptible to outbursts of bitterness, jealousy, or other intense emotions. This form of relationship has both benefits and drawbacks. Another interpretation of Strength’s tarot love meaning is compassion, empathy, and inner strength; you may find that these qualities are certain to attract the partners you seek or deepen your relationship with your existing partner. Your capacity for empathy may facilitate a deeper comprehension of your partner’s and your aspirations and fears. If you ever find yourselves in a heated dispute or another scenario, it may be advisable to treat one another with love and patience rather than letting your anger take over.

Strength is the Major Arcana card that corresponds to the Leo star sign, hence its appearance may indicate a connection with a Leo. The Strength tarot card says that if you are single, this is a good time to meet someone since your confidence will shine. However, it may also signify that you are approaching a person with a wild side. This is an exciting option, but if the potential companion is too eccentric, you may need to moderate your expectations. If you wish to tame them, you should cajole them rather than force them.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright): Finance

If you have effectively controlled your expenditure, you are likely in a good position. You should be alright if you maintain your composure. In addition, you may be willing to make hazardous purchases, such as spending money on an item you’ve long desired. The career-related significance of the upright Strength tarot card indicates immense potential for professional and personal growth, but emotional control and self-confidence are essential. Fear should not hinder your success or make you appear silly. You might also establish your own independent business, and your perseverance will eventually pay off.

Upright Strength tarot card indicates that you have spent too much money on frivolous expenditures, but that a steady income flow will provide you with financial security and satisfaction. Additionally, this card warns against engaging in investment activity or money laundering. The financial flow will be adequate, but unforeseen expenses will deplete your reserves.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright): Career

If you were able to control your animalistic instincts, such as fury, want, and drive, you could make substantial career progress. This does not indicate submission or submission to their authority, but rather cooperation with them or putting them to good use.

The upright Strength tarot card implies that you already possess the necessary talent and competence; all you need is the courage to make decisive decisions. Here you will discover your strength. If you’re seeking a promotion, take steps to distinguish yourself. Take the initiative and, if you so want, completely alter your profession. If you’ve been contemplating starting your own business, you should inspire yourself to take the necessary steps and just do it.

As related to your profession, the presence of strength implies that it is time to assert emotional control and proceed. You only need bravery and self-confidence. You possess the necessary abilities and potential. Fear of failure and scorn should not prevent you from pursuing your objectives and achieving your full potential. If you desire the promotion, pursue it. If you feel as though you are being neglected, express your feelings. If you’ve always believed you could manage your own business, have faith in yourself and take the plunge! Avoid making impulsive financial decisions when it comes to expenditures. This is not to mean that you shouldn’t spend money; rather, ensure that any investments or purchases you make are well-considered and not based on impulse or emotion.

The Strength Tarot Card (Upright): Health

The upright Strength tarot card is a wonderful card to have when addressing health. It is widely used to denote physical health and fitness. The reversal of strength could signify overcoming a condition or beginning to restore strength after being ill. It also shows the mind and body restoring equilibrium. It is a great time to make lifestyle changes, especially for those that need more self-control. The Strength tarot card, which reflects greatly better fitness after surviving a chronic illness, is the finest card for a person’s health and happiness. It also means that the mind and body are in perfect harmony. In addition, it symbolises self-control and a new, better lifestyle.

In tarot readings for health-related matters, strength typically signifies good or improved health. When afflicted individuals encounter Strength, they can rest easy knowing that the worst is over. Strength is another indication that the body and mind are in harmony, making this an ideal time to make healthy lifestyle adjustments, especially for those needing more self-control.

Upright Strength tarot card is a strong indicator in a health-focused reading. If you’ve been suffering from something, it could mean that you’re on the verge of achieving victory. If you have been contemplating stopping bad habits, now is the moment to do it. You possess the mental fortitude to refrain from engaging in addictive behaviours. Any activities you take to improve your health, such as adhering to a diet or exercise routine, will appear easier than you imagine.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed)

The Strength Tarot Card Reversed keywords

Self-doubt, vulnerability, insecurity, lack of self-assurance, anxiousness, raw energy, weakness, uncertainty, and unbelief.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed) Meaning

The presence of reversed strength tarot card shows that you have minimal impact on the behaviour of others. The liberated, unfettered energy cannot be stopped by any amount of leadership, modelling, or persuading. Small details are neglected, and incentives that were once utilised to encourage orders may be derided. It may be necessary for you to maintain silence, shield yourself as much as possible, and wait for this period of inversion to pass.

Reversed strength tarot card in Tarot reading signifies fragility, pettiness, disease, a lack of faith, and abuse of authority. You are courageous, but you are unable to reach it. Don’t be anxious. It is present and readily available. Leave your fears and low self-esteem at the door and ascend via merit. If you have drawn the Strength card in reverse, this section will explain what it represents in greater detail.

When employed in a reading, the Strength card in reverse can imply explosive tendencies or a propensity for illogical outbursts.

Reversed strength tarot card should serve as a gentle reminder that you must learn to control your intense emotions. In the absence of self-control, you may behave or say something you will later regret. Reversed Strength tarot card may also signify a lack of inner strength, which this card commonly depicts. You may feel stuck since everyone around you looks to be happy and successful in every aspect.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed): Love & Relationships

When reversed strength tarot card comes in a tarot reading for love, it may represent a tiny amount of co-dependency in the relationship.

Certain forms of insecurity make it challenging for you and your partner to become more autonomous and follow your hobbies. Being whole individuals with your own lives enhances rather than detracts from your partnership. Ensure that the cornerstone of your partnership is built on trust.  Reversed strength tarot card in a tarot reading for love can also imply that force and strength are beginning to manifest in your relationship. One partner may become more domineering and less sensitive and understanding with time. It may be vital to guarantee that the needs of one partner are not neglected in favour of those of another.

If you are single, a reversed strength tarot card in tarot reading may suggest that your lack of self-control or unresolved self-esteem issues are causing you to make bad match selections. Negative relationships have a detrimental effect on one’s self-esteem, which can lead to a vicious cycle. You must solve these issues, discover your inner fortitude and self-confidence, and acknowledge that you deserve better.

Reversed strength tarot card may suggest that despite the Strength of your relationship, you may feel unworthy of the affection you are receiving owing to low self-esteem.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed): Finance

Spending excessively at this time could increase your financial position. Even if you have a lot of money, you should be cautious about spending it on things that would benefit you immediately. You may feel insecure regardless of your current financial condition.

There are few advances in the workplace. As a result, you lack imagination and experience excessive apathy, weariness, boredom, and misery. Therefore, now is not the time to make substantial changes to your current position or to seek out new prospects.

You must maintain composure and have faith that this will pass. Too much force or resistance will make things more difficult because the desired outcomes will not be achieved. Whatever your feelings may be, they will arrive at the appropriate time.

Maintain your equilibrium and do your responsibilities as efficiently as possible until you recover from this degree of weakness.

Reversed strength tarot card cautions against financial rashness because the current wealth may not endure forever. Reversed strength tarot card implies that a lack of self-control, resulting in harmful habits, may jeopardise one’s health. The recipient should simultaneously focus on modifying one of these habits to make a lasting beneficial change.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed): Career

Have your concerns prevented you from accomplishing your professional goals? Reversed strength tarot card says that you may already have everything you need for success, with the possible exception of a good amount of self-assurance and faith. You can constantly second-guess your judgments, allowing self-doubt and anxiety to impede you from advancing in your work. If you truly examined yourself, you would find that you are more capable than you currently assume.  Reversed strength tarot card is a more crucial indication that impulsive financial decisions should be avoided at this time. Even if you now have an abundance of money, be prudent with it because you do not know how long it will last.

Similar to its upright interpretation, the Strength Tarot’s reversed meaning says you to advance in your career, you must have courage and self-confidence. When this Major Arcana card is reversed in a Tarot reading for your work, it is an even stronger indication that you have been allowing fear and anxiety to hold you back. If you allow it, your fear of failure can leave you feeling helpless. Self-doubt is counterproductive and should be avoided. You are more capable, powerful, and brilliant than you realise. Believe in yourself. Once your self-assurance grows, you will have more direction and concentration. Others will observe this modification.

The Strength Tarot Card (Reversed): Health

Reversed strength tarot card is still indicative of good health.  However, you may lack self-control, which may cause you to engage in unhealthy behaviours that are detrimental to your health. As you attempt to restore your inner self-control, concentrate on eliminating each of these destructive behaviours individually. Do not undertake too much at once. Small, persistent changes will result in a significant improvement.

Reversed strength tarot card may also indicate that you lack the inner strength that this card often represents. Because everyone else seems to be happy and successful in every part of their lives, you may feel stuck. Instead of focusing on the travels of others, cease comparing your own.

Remember that you possess the inner strength and power to overcome any obstacle as you learn how to stand back up. Are you experiencing a difficult time right now? What are your most pressing physical health concerns? The strength tarot card recommends listening to your intuition and gut feelings, especially when it comes to health difficulties. We can comprehend your sorrow, wrath, and probably even embarrassment during these moments. Do not let your emotions govern your actions! Instead of acting based on your animal instincts, demonstrate composure and compassion. You are confident in your ability to conquer these challenges. You should rely on your intuition.

The Strength Tarot Card: One Card Pull

When you want direct and concise answers, you do a single card draw. It is used when you require particular responses in the form of Yes or No. Therefore, obtaining a one-card pull is usually beneficial if you are facing a difficult scenario or are in a quandary. After shuffling the deck, you may select one card. Depending on your inquiry, you will receive the appropriate response. The results of a single Strength tarot card draw are:

If the card is in the upright position, it means the response is “Yes.”

If the card is in the reversed position, it signifies a “No” response.

The Strength Tarot Card for Timing

As the strength tarot card says, it is time to get emotional control and proceed. You must possess your abilities and potential, as well as guts and self-confidence.

Fear of failure or scorn should not prevent you from realising your full potential. If you desire it, you may obtain that promotion. Indicate your existence while you are being ignored. Consider starting your own business if you’ve always desired to be your boss.

[BONUS] The Strength Tarot Card and NUMEROLOGY

Strength is quantified as 8, which is the symbol of infinity due to its shape. It is a reminder that everything eventually comes full circle. This is also illustrated by the infinity symbol on the Strength tarot card.

The number 8 is related to prosperity and growth, stability, and solidifying your foundation. It is harvest season and, for some, the fall of the year.

[BONUS] The Strength Tarot Card and Astrology

Leo is generally connected with a strength tarot card. This card is about demonstrating your might without controlling others. It requires determination, bravery, and patience.

Leo, which is controlled by the Sun, represents our capacity to shine and reveal our genuine talents and self-assurance. Leo and the Sun are both connected with the element of fire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the strength tarot card mean in love?

When you receive the Strength card in a love tarot reading, you can find yourself in a passionate and fiery relationship. The strong relationship indicated by this card may also be one that is prone to outbursts of resentment, jealousy, or other strong emotions.

2. What kind of person does the Strength card represent?

Strength essentially signifies that you are endowed with a wealth of admirable traits, including bravery, heroism, compassion, confidence, and calmness. You might feel that you can easily control your peers, or others might look to you for leadership. This is more of a burden than a benefit.

3. What does the Strength mean in a relationship?

Characteristics of the parties involved in a relationship are its strengths. They could be anything, for example, love, forgiveness, or patience. All of these will improve your connections. You can rely on these qualities to stick by each other during good times and bad.

4. Is the strength card upright yes or no?

Strength Standing. Strength is a positive pull when it is erect. You are prepared to move on in life because you already have the qualities necessary to be successful in your endeavors.