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12 Houses in Astrology: Know their values and Significance

12 Houses in Astrology: Know their values and Significance

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Vedas in the Hindu culture is known to be the reservoirs of knowledge about the entire concept behind and beyond the existence of life and death. For as long as a person lives, every single dimension of life – behaviour, career, love life, marriage, and health – is decided by the movement and placement of the planets, stars, the sun, and the moon in the different houses in astrology. It’s these houses in astrology that we are going to talk about in our guide today.

To start with, since there are 12 houses in vedic astrology people do confuse them with the 12 zodiac signs. But, these are both different – zodiacs aren’t the houses.

So, what are the 12 houses in the natal chart? Wondering the same? Then, find the detailed answers about those houses and their significance below.

 1st House in Astrology

The 1st house in the birth chart is Lagna. This one signifies the physical persona in the birth chart.

Here’s what it stands for

  • How you look – the colour of your skin, hair, and eyes, the structure of your nose, mouth, lips, and chin, and your body frame.

  • Your general nature in terms of aggression and temperament – if you’re someone who’s docile or someone who gets triggered too quickly and too easily.

  • Your overall health and quality of life.

If the 1st house in your birth chart isn’t strong enough, then you might have to face the following problems.

  • Some kind of mental illness.

  • Depression and anxiety.

  • Irregularities on the face like acne, scars, and pigmentation.

 2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd house in the natal chart is also known as dhana or wealth. It governs the kinds of material possessions you own in your lifetime and also some aspects of your features.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • If you have the planet Venus in the 2nd House, you’ll most likely be blessed with a beautiful voice.

  • This house will decide if you’ll be rich or poor in terms of money, investments, and properties and vehicles you own.

If the 2nd house in your birth chart is weak, you’ll most likely suffer in the following ways.

  • You’ll get money but you won’t be able to hold onto it or invest it in the correct manner.

  • You’ll struggle a lot in terms of finances. In other words, you might not have financial stability.

 3rd House in Astrology

Of all the houses in astrology, it’s the third house that governs the mental health of a person.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • Your communication skills.

  • How well you’re going to get along with the people in your life.

If the 3rd house in your birth chart is weak, you’ll most likely face the following problems.

  • In terms of health – depression, stress, shoulder pain and neck pain, and respiratory diseases.

  • Neurological disorders that govern memory.

 4th House in Astrology

Also known as Bandhu Bhava, the 4th house signifies companionship and peace.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • Domestic happiness.

  • Relationship with your relatives and neighbours.

  • Material possessions you’ll have – real estate and vehicles.

If weak, it causes the following health issues.

5th House in Astrology

The 5th house in the birth chart, also known as Putra Bhava, is the Lord of intuition and creativity.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • Your romantic life.

  • How happy and humorous you are.

  • The kind of energy you will radiate in life.

If weak, the fifth house can cause the following health problems.

  • Heart problems.
  • Spinal problems.

6th House in Astrology

The 6th house in the birth chart goes by the name Ari Bhava with Ari standing for the kinds of hurdles you’re going to face in life.

If Rahu sits in the 6th house, the person becomes invincible and wins in all spheres of life – whether it’s love, money, or power.

7th House in Astrology

 The 7th house in Vedic astrology goes by the name Yuvati Bhava.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • Relationships in your life – with your spouse/lover, with your colleagues, with your parents and siblings.

  • It’s the house that governs your business relationships too.

8th House in Astrology

8th house or Randhra Bhava governs all kinds of unpredictable situations in life.

Here’s what it stands for.

  • It governs death.

  • It governs wealth.

When Saturn makes an entry in this house, it brings along auspicious events like inheriting a paternal property.

Also, if this house in your birth chart is strong, you might end up winning a lottery.

9th House in Astrology

This is the house of intuition and higher spirituality. When Jupiter sits in this house, the person will be blessed with fortune.

Someone whose 9th House is strong gets to enjoy:

  • A lot of travelling.

  • Higher learning.

  • The happiness that comes with doing charity.


10th House in Astrology

10th House is the house or reputation and profession. Also known as Karma Bhava, this house determines the following.

  • Your profession and how well you’re going to do at work.

  • Your social status.

If weak, this house will give you health problems related to knees, bones, and joints.


11th House in Astrology

Everything good is governed by the 11th house, known as Labha Bhava.

Things associated with the Labha Bhava:

  • Money, name, and fame.

  • Wealth and fortune.

  • Relationship with friends and elder brother.

12th House in Astrology

The house of beginnings and end – also known as the house of the unconscious – it is the 12th house that governs the feeling of detachment with worldly pleasure. The detachment could be the result of death or some form of higher spiritual learning.

On a closing note, always remember, the fame, success, and joys and failures you experience in life change with the movement – entry and exit – of planets in the 12 houses in vedic astrology.

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