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Vastu For Pooja Room: Design, Do’s and Don’ts, and Tips

Vastu For Pooja Room: Design, Do’s and Don’ts, and Tips

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The majority of the human aspects are governed by rules and regulations, and worshipping God is not free from these. When you design a house or buy one, you try to purchase something which is Vastu-compliant. Since Hindus are believers of God and his power, it’s best to keep in mind the Vastu for pooja room as well. 

Many people have space constraints due to which many people ignore having a separate pooja room. Nonetheless, it’s essential to create a space for God in your house. By creating a pooja room, you are creating a room with positive vibrations. It will affect your family life, home environment, body, soul, and mind. 

The room for God should be designed accurately because whenever you pray to God, you should get positive energy and your body should charge with good vibrations. Thus, there are certain Vastu for pooja room dos and don’ts that you must follow.

This article will give an insight on how you can make your pooja room Vastu-friendly and the basic rules/tips to follow. Let’s get started! 

Making the Pooja Room of Your Home Vastu-Compliant 

The most essential Vastu rule for a pooja place is the direction and location. You cannot go wrong with this. North-east or the Ishanya direction is most appropriate for God’s room. 

North-East direction is said to be governed by God and is a fantastic location for a pooja room. 

The pooja room in Ishanya direction will bring good health, wealth, luck, peace, and prosperity. All these are needed to lead a good life. Another important factor you must keep in mind is that the North-East direction facing mandir will get early morning sun rays which will create a positive atmosphere in the house. 

Although Ishanya is a good direction for a pooja room, people with big homes can also place their Gods in Brahmasthan or the central position. 

Vastu for Pooja Room Tips for Homeowners: Do’s and Don’ts 

There are certain Vastu for Pooja Room tips for homeowners. They’re basically dos and don’ts that you must follow at any cost. Please, note this is meant for your well-being as it will fill the home with positivity. 

Must do

  1. The northeast corner is an ideal spot for a pooja room. 
  2. West and East are the second-best spots for a pooja room. 
  3. Pooja place should be on a lower floor. The ground floor is ideal and not the basement. 
  4. If a pooja place is in a big factory or home, idols should be placed at the center. It is considered highly auspicious. 
  5. You must keep the idols in the West or East direction in the prayer room. 
  6. Place God’s idols a couple of inches away from the home wall. 
  7. Idols should be in a perfect state (not broken or dusty/rusty)
  8. Pooja room may have windows and doors on East or North walls. 
  9. Light yellow or white marble in the puja room is favorable and auspicious. 
  10. Make sure you use light blue, yellow, or white color as the wall color
  11. Roof in a pyramid shape is considered auspicious. 
  12. A prayer room can be in the northeast corner of the home’s kitchen. 

Must avoid: 

  1. The puja room must never be facing the South direction. 
  2. Do not create a pooja room in a utility or storeroom.  
  3. Do not make your bedroom a pooja room. If there is no other space, place God’s idols in the northeast corner. However, it should be placed in a way that your feet do not point towards the idols or photos. 
  4. Basement and higher floors should not have pooja rooms in a big house. 
  5. A prayer place should never be placed next to the toilet. 
  6. Avoid placing the pooja room under a staircase. 
  7. Do not ever keep broken idols in the prayer room. It’s bad luck!
  8. Avoid bringing idols from old or forgotten temples as you don’t know the history. In fact, do not get the idols that are placed under the tree. 
  9. Homeowners should never keep a dustbin in a pooja room. 
  10. Never place negative or horrific pictures in the pooja room. 

Designing the Pooja Room as Per Vastu 

If you are living in an apartment or a constrained space, it is possible that there is not much space for a separate pooja room. In this case, you can use our designing tips for Vastu for pooja room.

Here are some puja room Vastu tips that will help you design the home mandir so much better! 

  1. Place the mandir in the kitchen or living room. It should be in the northeast direction. 
  2. A bedroom is not a favorable place to keep the mandir, but if space is a constraint, place it in the northeast direction. 
  3. Face towards the east or north while praying. 
  4. Idols should never face each other or the home door. 
  5. Place an agnikund or a lamp in the South-east direction. 
  6. Copper vessels in the idol room are considered auspicious. 
  7. A pyramid-shaped tower for the room gives a positive vibration. 
  8. The pooja room should have two shutters as doors. This should be made with wood. 
  9. Never place pictures of dead people in the same room. 
  10. Paint the pooja room in light colors such as blue, white, pink, and yellow. 

House Vastu Plans for Different Directions 

East Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room 

East Facing House Vastu plan with pooja room is also favorable, but please ensure that the room gets enough light. Place the idols a few inches away from the wall and color the walls in a light (pastel) color. 

Find a Northeast corner in the home and place the idols in that room. There should be no storage above this spot. 

If there is no Northeast facing corner, West and East facing corners are also agreeable for a temple room. 

West Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room 

West Facing House Vastu plan with pooja room will always have a north-east corner to place the idols. Find a Northeast corner in the house and make sure it gets ample light and does not have any obstructions. 

Once again, if the northeast corner is not available in some cases, you can utilize the west or east-facing rooms. Just follow the dos and don’ts. 

North Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

Pooja room Vastu compliance is a necessity, especially for people who want to attract good health, wealth, and happiness. Pooja room direction should be in the north or north-east side. However, the east side would also be agreeable. But, since you have a north-facing house, in this case, it will be easy to find a spot. North facing house Vastu plan with pooja room will have a good spot for your idol(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should be the Pooja room as per Vastu?

Pooja room should be in the northeast, north, or east corner of the house.

2. Which corner we have to keep for Pooja room according to Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra pooja room direction rules, the Northeast side is the best side for the pooja room.

3. What are the best puja room Vastu tips?

Puja room Vastu tips are essential to follow. Keep the idols a few inches away from the wall. Make sure the color of the wall is light yellow or white. Any light color is good for the pooja room. Also, the pooja room should be in the northeast direction.

4. What is the correct north-facing house Vastu plan with pooja room?

The northeast corner is the correct north facing house Vastu plan with pooja room.

5. What are Pooja room Vastu for east facing house tips?

Both east and north-east direction are good for a temple/pooja room.

6. Which side Pooja room should face?

North-east is ideal for a pooja room. It brings immense luck and protects your family members from negative energies.

7. Can we keep Pooja room in hall?

Some apartments have less space, so homeowners might want to utilize the hall. However, don’t make a pooja room near the entrance of the home or under the staircase.ood for a temple/pooja room.