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6 Vastu Tips for Mandir in flat: How to Organize the Altar?

6 Vastu Tips for Mandir in flat: How to Organize the Altar?

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A mandir is the most sacred place in a flat. It is the house of the Supreme almighty. This is why it should be constructed with special care. A single vastu dosh in a mandir has blunderbuss effects. Hence, we have made this guide on some of the most credible Vastu tips for mandir in flat. These tips will also resolve the problem of a space crunch that’s seen in most flats.

The Right Direction Vastu Tips for Mandir in Flat

If you’re asking for the best direction to keep mandir in a flat, then it is the northeast direction. However, there are second best and third best directions too – North and East.

The Right Location Vastu Tips for Mandir in Flat

While everybody dreams of a separate puja Ghar, that’s not really a very practical idea in flats. If you have a spare room that’s in the East or North direction, you can certainly convert it into a mandir. For other people who really don’t have the leisure of an entire room to spare, the following locations are the best locations for the mandir.

  1. According to Vastu shastra, the ground floor is best for a puja room.
  2. If you have a hanging wall-mounted mandir, it should be on the wall that faces the Ishan Kona – the direction of Lord Jupiter. 

The Design Vastu Tips for Mandir in Flat

Designing the Mandir with a Pyramid shaped top is one of the best Vastu tips for a mandir in a flat. A few other design-related Vastu tips for mandir in a flat are listed below.

  1. A low ceiling mandir is better.
  2. A gopura shaped design is more practical.

The Ambience Vastu Tips of a Puja Room in a Flat

The Puja room, also known as an altar, is the center of all positive energy. It should have a very peaceful ambience that can relax you and put your mind in a state of meditation. After all, that’s exactly the entire purpose of worshipping – putting all your focus on God and thanking him for everything good in life.

Some Vastu Tips for mandir in flats to set the right ambience are as follows.

  1. Keep aroma candles in the mandir.
  2. Burn incense sticks to enhance the aroma factor.
  3. Bright lights are the best for a mandir.
  4. Don’t forget to light diyas to add to the ambience of the puja room.
  5. Decorate the mandir with colourful aromatic roses, jasmine, genda, and lotuses.

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Vastu tips to keep idols in the mandir

Most people keep the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha in their temple at home. You can also keep an Idol of Lord Shiva or hang a painting of the goddess Durga.

Alternate Vastu Tips for Keeping idols in a Mandir

  1. No two idols should face each other.
  2. The idols should have a gap of at least 1 inch from the wall/back of the mandir.
  3. A Khandit idol – a damaged idol – is very inauspicious. Replace it with a new one immediately.
  4. Do not put too many idols in the mandir. It should be clean and spacious. Keeping too many idols is not a good idea.
  5. Place a small storage rack, facing southeast, by the side of the temple to keep all your holy beads and Holy Books.

Vastu Tips for the Color of the Mandir

Light and pastel colours can energize the puja room. Earthy shades in beige and brown, off-white color, lighter shades of yellow, and lavender are the few colors that are best for a Mandir.

Tips to Maintain the Vastu of the Puja Room

 We hope you already have an idea about what the correct vastu of a mandir should be. Having said that, there are other vastu tips for a mandir to maintain the purity and sanctity of the place. Have a look.

  1. Don’t ever keep the mandir under the stairs.
  2. A puja room should never ever share a wall with the bathroom or storage room.
  3. Do not hang the pictures of dead family members in the mandir.
  4. If you have extremely little space, you can hang a small mandir, facing east, in the kitchen. But make sure that a curtain separates the mandir from the kitchen. The same rules apply for hanging a mandir in the living room.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which direction should the puja shelf (Mandir) face?

The northeast direction is the first best direction to keep a mandir. The next best are East and North.

2. Which is the wrong direction for a Mandir?

Never keep a mandir in the south direction. It brings negativity and affects the health of the occupants badly.

3.Which direction should I face while worshipping?

As long as you’re facing the East direction or the north direction, you can be rest assured that you’re not doing anything wrong.

4.Can I keep an idol on top of the storage rack in Mandir?

No. It is very inauspicious to keep any idol on top of a storage rack.

5. Is it important that the Mandir should be raised from the ground?

Yes. Always make sure that the puja ghar is at least a foot above the ground level. The best thing would be if the idols are coming at chest level.

6. What is the best color for a Mandir?

Beige and light yellow are the two best colors for a mandir. Earthy shades are good too.

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