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Vastu Tips for Money Luck: Know How to Attract Money at Home

Vastu Tips for Money Luck: Know How to Attract Money at Home

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Every luxury in life is closely associated with wealth and money. It might sound materialistic, however, there’s nothing more essential than money when it comes to living a good life. Feng Shui is the astrological science to attract money. If you too want to learn how to attract money at home, then this guide about the many Vastu and feng shui tips for money and luck will help you a lot. Dig in!

6 Effective Tips on How to Attract Money at Home

According to Vedic astrology, the Vastu of a house decides everything about the life that the residents will have. Whether it’s health or positivity, it all depends upon Vastu. And money is no different. 

The following 6 home remedies to attract money will certainly make you rich. Have a look! 

Make a Kuber Corner at Home

Kuber ka khazana is a popular ancient phrase. Auld folks in India were strong believers of Lord Kuber and their beliefs are still practiced in astrology. 

Making a Kubera corner, also known as Wealth corner, is one of the most effective feng shui tips for money. Lord Kuber is the Hindu God for wealth and gold. It is believed that making a Kubera corner pleases Lord Kuber and he blesses the residents with unlimited wealth. 

Locating Kuber Corner (Wealth Corner) at Home

In order to locate the exact wealth corner, stand in front of the master bedroom’s door with your face towards the room. The farthest left corner towards your back is the Kuber corner of your house. Usually, it is the southwest corner that is known as the wealth corner. 

Decorating the Kuber Corner at Home

  1. The walls of the kuber corner should be purple. 
  2. Use the kuber corner to make a study room or a library.
  3. Keep Vastu plants to attract wealth in the kuber corner.
  4. Keep a crystal tortoise in the wealth corner in such a way that it faces East. 
  5. The safe should be kept in the kuber corner in such a way that it opens to the North or Northeast (the direction of Lord Kuber). 

You can also hang a Kuber Yantra on the north wall of the house. 

Decorate the Entrance of the House 

Every energy makes an entry in the house from the main door. Hence,  Vastu tips for entrance are very important if you want to attract money at home. 

  1. If you have a garden in the front, it should have a manicured lawn.
  2. Hang a Nazar battu (evil eyes kavach) on the entrance door. An inverted horseshoe nail makes an excellent evil eyes repellent. 
  3. Hang beautiful flower garlands on the front door. 
  4. It is very auspicious to hang a painting of 7 horses on the wall directly opposite the entrance door. You can also hang this painting on the north wall of the living room. 
  5. The entrance door should be the biggest door of the house. 

Keeping a laughing Buddha in Anjali Mudra in a corner facing southeast from the entrance is also one of the most effective Vastu tips to attract money at home. 

Follow the Vastu for Wall Colors for Every Room 

Every color is associated with some kind of emotion. Needless to say, if the house is painted in colors that radiate anger or depression, nothing auspicious will ever flourish. Hence, following the Vastu-recommended colors for walls is one of the best home remedies to attract money. 

  1. Vastu colors for the bedroom – Pistachio green, light blue, lavender, and muted green. 
  2. Vastu colors for the mandir – Light yellow, beige, and off-white. 
  3. Vastu colors for the kitchen – Lighter and subtler shades of orange and yellow. 
  4. Vastu colors for the living room – Light grey, blue, white, and green.
  5. Vastu colors for the bathroom – Lighter shades of brown and blue.

Keep the House Clean and Organized 

Remember, Goddess Lakshmi will never enter a house that is messy and untidy. The different tips to attract money by keeping the house clean are as follows. 

  1. Clean the gas stove regularly. 
  2. Keep a Venus crystal right on top of the gas stove. 
  3. Mop the floor with salt water.
  4. Replace broken furniture, broken mirrors, and broken wall clocks. 
  5. Keep the mandir organized. Do not keep too many idols. 
  6. Never leave stationery items scattered on the top of the study table. 

Keep Indoor Plants that Attract Wealth 

Different plants in Vastu are associated with different gods. Hence, keeping certain plants in the house can attract wealth in the following ways. 

  1. Lord Ganesha is the ruler of the Southeast direction. Keeping a money plant in the southeast corner, thus, brings money by the blessings of Lord Ganesha. 
  2. Worshipping Tulsi pleases Lord Kuber. You can plant Tusli in the Northeast corner of the house. 
  3. Lotus at the entrance attracts money since goddess Lakshmi loves Lotuses and is attracted to them. 

Pay Attention to the Wall Clock Vastu

A clock is the symbol of time, progress, and discipline. Without these traits, money can never enter a home. Hence, pay attention to the wall clock Vastu tips to attract money in the following ways. 

  1. Hanging a clock on the North or Northeast wall of the house pleases Lord Kuber. 
  2. Vastu recommends hanging round-shaped or oval-shaped wall clocks only. 
  3. The time in the clock should always be 1 or 2 minutes ahead of the actual time. 
  4. No clock should be broken. Also, remember to replace the battery.
  5. Don’t hang pendulum clocks in the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to attract money at home?

Keep the house very neat and tidy. You can also hang a round clock on the north wall of the house and keep a money plant and tulsi plant at home to attract wealth.

2. What are the most effective home remedies to attract money?

Mopping the floor with salt water, cleaning the gas stove and keeping a Venus crystal on top of it, and organizing the stationary on top of the study table are some of the best home remedies to attract money.

3. What are the best feng shui tips for money and luck?

Creating a Kuber corner is the best feng shui tip for money and luck. You can get the walls of the kuber corner painted in purple.

4. What are the best Vastu tips to attract money at home?

Hanging a painting of Lord Ganesha or a painting of 7 horses on the wall opposite the entrance attracts wealth.