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Wall Clock Vastu: Know its Significance and the Wall Clock Vastu Direction

Wall Clock Vastu: Know its Significance and the Wall Clock Vastu Direction

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We, humans, tend to pay attention to bigger things and events and in the process of doing so, smaller things end up getting neglected or overlooked. Vastu Shastra is no different. While most of us keep a keen eye on the directions of the rooms and the colour of the walls, how many of us really pay attention to the wall clocks? Yes, wall clocks! It is the wall clock Vastu that ends up getting overlooked because of the bigger things. And let us tell you, a thing as small as a wall clock can bring great turmoil and unrest if the Vastu rules for placing wall clocks aren’t followed. 

The wall clock Vastu is a very important and equally fascinating branch of Vastu Shastra. If you want your house to be fully free of Vastu dosh, then we’re sure that this guide can help. 

Dive in and explore all the details!

What is the Significance of Wall Clock Vastu?

The clock represents time and there’s nothing in the world that’s more important than time. According to Vastu Shastra, time is the ultimate healer and ultimate destroyer. Hence, wall clock Vastu is much more significant than you might think. It causes a major impact on the energy influx in a house. 

It is a wall clock, its shape and direction, that determines whether the house will have the inflow of positive energy or negative energy. 

4 Important Wall Clock Vastu Tips 

Choose the Right Location and Direction 

Every direction has a specific God and a specific ruling Planet. So, choosing a wall clock position as per vastu is very important to please these Gods. 

  1. Right directions to hang a wall clock – It is believed that the best directions to hang a wall clock are East and North. Lord Indra rules the East direction. So, hanging the clock in a way that it faces the East brings fame and prosperity. North is the direction of Lord Kuber (the Hindu deity of wealth and gold). So, hanging a wall clock in a way that it faces the North direction is known to attract wealth. 
  2. Right Height to hang a wall clock – Bear in mind, wall clock vastu insists that every clock should be hung below the door frame level. So, it’s not a good practice to hang a clock directly above the door, any door in the house. 

Choose the Wall Clock Shape According to Vastu 

One of the worst things that people do to upset the Vastu of the house is buying irregular-shaped wall clocks just because they look fancy. Always remember that Vastu insists on the value of simplicity. So, don’t complicate things unnecessarily. 

The best wall clock shape according to Vastu is round. The next best shape would be oval. It is better to not go beyond these two shapes if you want the Vastu to be right.

Pay Attention to the Color and the Background Schema of the Clock

Sometimes even when you’re doing everything according to the wall clock vastu, or so you think, there’s still stagnation and gloominess in the house. The two main reasons behind this problem are the color and design defects. 

  1. If a clock has a background that showcases emotions like war and grief, the house will reflect the same feelings. Hence, avoid clocks that have depressing and lonely backgrounds. 
  2. The color and material of the wall clock should also comply with Vastu Shastra. Metal clocks are recommended for the North Direction. Wooden clocks are recommended for the East Direction. Colors like white, metallic grey or silver, and muddy and Earthy tones are recommended.

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Pay Attention to the Time Being Displayed 

According to wall clock vastu, the clock should either show the exact time or should be 1 or 2 minutes ahead of the right time. However, bear in mind that no clock in the house should ever run late. 

A clock that shows a delayed time is known to bring bad luck. You will never be able to finish any assignment in time. It will affect your career and education in a negative way. 

Most Important Wall Clock Vastu Details to Remember 

  1. All the wall clocks should be running. Make sure you check the batteries from time to time. 
  2. Immediately replace clocks with broken frames. 
  3. It is recommended that a wall clock in the bedroom should always be hung in a way that you can look at it from your bed. However, the placement should be such that the frame should not show the reflection of the bed. 
  4. When in the bedroom, the clock should be as far away from the bed as possible.
  5. A wall clock in the bedroom should never face the bedroom door.
  6. Avoid hanging a pendulum wall clock in the bedroom. 
  7. A pendulum clock in the living room should be facing East. 
  8. A pendulum wall clock should produce a sweet sound. Avoid the ones that are too loud or too screechy.
  9. Make sure that dust doesn’t accumulate on the clocks at all. Keep them clean and spotless all the time. 
  10. Never hang a wall clock in the South direction no matter what. 
  11. No wall clock should be hung outside the house. 
  12. Hanging a wall clock in the North direction brings money, wealth, and success. 
  13. Hanging a wall clock in the East direction brings progress and prosperity. It is an indication of positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best wall clock shape according to vastu?

Round is the first best wall clock shape that Vastu Shastra approves of. The second best is oval.

2. As per Vastu, where to keep the wall clock?

It is best to have a wall clock in the living room and the bedroom. Do not ever hang a wall clock in the bathroom or outside the house.

3. Which is the best wall clock vastu direction?

East and North. The East is ruled by Lord Indra. So, a wall clock facing the East will bring prosperity and positive change. The North is ruled by Lord Kuber (Hindu deity for Gold and Wealth). So, a wall clock facing the North brings wealth and success to career.

4. What are the best wall clock vastu tips?

The wall clocks should be clean. Remove the clocks with broken frames. Also, do not hang a wall clock on the south wall at all.

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