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A Complete Guide on Aquarius  Ascendant, Aquarius Rising | Know Everything About an Aquarius  Ascendant, Aquarius  Rising Traits

A Complete Guide on Aquarius Ascendant, Aquarius Rising | Know Everything About an Aquarius Ascendant, Aquarius Rising Traits

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Figuring out your Sun sign is very simple. Just look at your birthday month, and that’s your Sun sign. But, make no mistake, the ascendant sign isn’t the same as your Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign. Unlike your zodiac, that’s your birth month, the ascendant sign is that zodiac that was present in your 1st house at the time of your birth. If you’re an Aquarius ascendant or somebody who has developed a crush on an Aquarius ascendant (also known as Aquarius rising), this guide is something you shouldn’t miss out on. 

Dive in to explore all the answers: how is an Aquarius ascendant physical appearance, is Aquarius ascendant good, and much more. 

Aquarius Rising Meaning: Is Aquarius Rising Rare? 

You could be a Scorpio Sun with Aquarius ascendant, an Aries Sun with Aquarius ascendant, and the pattern is the same for all 12 Sun signs. 

The ascendant rising sign is the zodiac sign that was sitting in your ascendant house (1st house in Vedic astrology) at the exact precise time you were born. Remember, even nano-seconds matter in determining the ascendant sign since the Earth rotates. Because of Earth’s rotation every 24 hours, a new zodiac sign enters a house almost every 2 hours. So, if Aquarius was in your 1st house when you were born, you’re an Aquarius rising. 

Sometimes, people say that Aquarius rising is rare. However, there’s a catch: it’s not rare to have Aquarius ascendant as your ascendant sign. What’s rare is the attitude of Aquarius rising. Hence, Aquarius rising is common but people with Aquarius as their ascendant sign have a rare attitude

6 Aquarius Ascendant Traits You Should Know 

Aquarius Ascendant Appearance – Are Aquarius Risings Attractive? 

Aquarius ascendant (also known as Kumbh Lagna in Hindi) is ruled by none other than the planet of Karma and justice, Saturn. The mythological appearance of Shani (Saturn) is considered to be not attractive. Hence, people just assume that Aquarius risings are not attractive. But, that’s untrue. Aquarius ascendants are very attractive with a distinctive style of their own

An Aquarius ascendant woman has long sexy legs with a perfect slim curvaceous body. These ladies don’t have to apply makeup to look good. They’re blessed with immense beauty by birth. They are offbeat beauties with an unorthodox fashion style. 

An Aquarius ascendant man is usually the right amount of tall (5’10” to 6’1″). These men have a distinctive chiseled face with a prominent defined forehead. They have strong broad shoulders and super athletic bodies

The most popular Aquarius ascendant celebrities that are crystal-clear embodiments of the kind of attractiveness we’ve described include the following. 

  1. Aquarius ascendant woman celebrities – Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan, JK Rowling, and Khloe Kardashian, 
  2. Aquarius ascendant male celebrities – Matt Damon, James Blunt, Jim Morrison, and EX-US President, Barack Obama. 
  3. Aquarius ascendant Indian celebrities – Sushmita Sen, Dharmendra, and Imran Khan. 

Aquarius Ascendant Traits – Are Aquarius Risings Intelligent?

Aquarius risings are a perfect blend of practicality and a generous attitude. These people are gifted with the rare talent and intelligence of Saturn, their Ascendant Lord. 

  1. They’re very intuitive – Aquarius ascendants aren’t just intuitive but they also make decisions based on their intuitions. It requires exceptional talent to fool these people. 
  2. They’re unbiased – With Saturn as their ascendant Lord, what else can you expect from them if not an unbiased fair attitude? 
  3. They have a lot of confidence in their abilities – Aquarius ascendant oozes confidence. These people are highly educated and they believe in their ideas. 
  4. They’re great listeners – One of the reasons that they are so intelligent is that they don’t just acquire knowledge from books. They are great listeners and that’s how they learn so many things at a very young age. 
  5. They have an offbeat quirky taste in fashion – Most people won’t understand their fashion sense since it’s very different from usual. These people, especially an Aquarius ascendant woman are trendsetters.  
  6. They easily get restless – Aquarius risings lack patience, especially in love. Otherwise trusting and practical, they get jealous and possessive very easily in a relationship. 
  7. They’re independent fellows – Aquarius ascendants like to take all important as well as unimportant decisions of their life on their own. 
  8. They’re straightforward – These people do not mince what they mean just to sugarcoat something. They say what they believe is true. This is one reason that many people have a hard time liking an Aquarius ascendant. 
  9. They’re very private – Whilst Aquarius risings are great speakers and they love to engage in long meaningful conversations, but, when it comes to their personal life, nobody is allowed to trespass. 
  10. They’re exceptional storytellers – JK Rowling is an Aquarius ascendant. Do we need to say more?

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Aquarius Risings Likes – Who are Aquarius Risings Attracted To?

An Aquarius ascendant man is usually attracted to women with independent ideas and a bit of quirk. 

  1. Beauty and spontaneity are the two traits he can’t bite back. 
  2. He doesn’t mind if you are a chatterbox as long as what you talk makes sense to him. 
  3. Since an Aquarius rising man is intelligent, he yearns for an intelligent companion. 

An Aquarius ascendant woman is very watchful and alert. She’s attracted to men she gets good and safe vibes from. 

  1. You have to be well-dressed and independent to be in her league. 
  2. She’s attracted to men who are good listeners. 
  3. She’s a private person. Hence, she is attracted to those men who don’t try to pry on her during her me-time. 
  4. More than anything, an Aquarius ascendant woman is attracted to kind-hearted confident men. 

If she notices you being inconsiderate towards waiters or anybody else with less money and power than you, you’ll miss your window. An Aquarius rising woman likes confident men, not arrogant men. 

Aquarius Ascendant Love Life – How is an Aquarius Rising in Relationships? 

Aquarius risings are very romantic yet very careful when in a relationship. They’re intuitive. If they smell betrayal, they’re not the kind of people who’ll take it lightly. 

An Aquarius rising woman in love is super loyal. Despite being a private person, she’ll cope up with your friends and respect your family even if she finds them boring. She’ll work hard to keep you happy. However, if you cheat on her or flirt with other women, she might not give you a second chance at redemption at all. 

An Aquarius rising man in love is somewhat possessive. Yet, he’s the kind of lover every woman wants. No matter the temptations, once he’s yours, he will never ever cheat on you. At the same time, he’s a very stubborn man. It’s not going to be easy to convince him to do something he doesn’t want to do. 

Aquarius Ascendant Compatibility and Marriage – Who Should an Aquarius Ascendant Marry? 

One of the best things about Aquarius risings is that they don’t really change after marriage. So, if you have a love marriage with one, it’ll be more like getting married to a friend you can trust with all your secrets. 

Even though Aquarius risings are loyal, their marriage isn’t always a smooth one

  1. One of the reasons that there can be frequent fights between them and their partners is that they can’t show their emotions in public. In fact, they hate PDA! 
  2. Their stubborn attitude is bound to create friction in their marriage. 

The marriage of an Aquarius ascendant might not be smooth, but the chances of a divorce or estrangement are very less. Their marriage to Virgo ascendants and Libra ascendants is most successful. 

Aquarius Ascendant Health – Is Aquarius a Good Ascendant for birth? 

Aquarius ascendants tend to overthink and they get stressed and restless very quickly. It’s one of the reasons that they’re more likely to slip into depression and develop anxiety issues

Aquarius risings are hardworking too. Sometimes, they can be so consumed by their work that they skip meals. It can cause vitamin deficiencies. Anemia is another health condition they are likely to suffer from. 

If only these people can pay attention to their food habits, they will lead an overall healthy life. Hence, despite some issues, Aquarius is indeed a good ascendant for birth

Astrologers suggest that Aquarius risings should wear a blue sapphire stone, the gemstone of Saturn. It will protect them from stress and anxiety. 

Bird’s-eye View of Aquarius Ascendants

Planets and Their Relationships With Aquarius Ascendants

Saturn, being the ascendant Lord of Kumbha Lagna, is naturally a benefic planet for Aquarius ascendants. Other than that, their relationship with other planets is as follows. 

  1. Friendly planets – Venus is the biggest support for Aquarius risings. It bestows the natives with health and wealth. Sun can be both beneficial and neutral 
  2. Enemy planets – Rahu and Ketu are the biggest threats for Aquarius risings. The placement of Jupiter can make it malefic as well as benefic. 

The common belief is that Jupiter is always bad for Aquarius ascendants. That’s not the entire truth. It can be a Maraka planet. Yet, when it’s in the 7th house, it is extremely good. 

Aquarius Ascendant Career – Are Aquarius Risings Successful?

Aquarius risings are very intelligent. The best line of work for these people is pharmaceutical companies and oil companies. Their creativity knows no bounds. Hence, they are exceptional writers, dancers, singers, and actors. Also, since they’re compassionate and practical at the same time, they make wonderful doctors and surgeons. These people will also flare very well in politics, the army, and engineering. When their Venus is strong, they gain a lot of success and fame.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does an Aquarius in ascendant mean?

It means you’re an exceptionally intelligent and hardworking person. It also means that you had Aquarius in your ascendant house at the time of your birth.

2. Are Aquarius risings rare?

Yes and no. Aquarius rising is not rare. Many people have Aquarius risings. However, people with Aquarius rising have a rare attitude. They’re different from most other people around them.

3. Are Aquarius risings attractive?

Yes. Aquarius ascendant men and women are blessed with intense good looks. They have a different fashion sense that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

4. What does an Aquarius ascendant woman look like?

An Aquarius ascendant woman usually has sexy legs and a beautiful slim figure. These women have perfect curves and an unorthodox fashion sense.

5. What is an Aquarius ascendant man’s appearance like?

An Aquarius ascendant man is usually tall. These men have an attractive chiseled face cut, strong shoulders, and a strong athletic body.

6. Who are Aquarius risings attracted to?

Aquarius rising man is usually attracted to beauty and spontaneity. Intelligence is another quality that he enjoys in his companion. 

An Aquarius ascendant woman is attracted to confident, kind-hearted men. She’s the kind of lady who likes men who can give her space.

7. Is Aquarius ascendant good?

Yes, it’s a good ascendant for birth. The natives do tend to suffer from anemia and might get stress and anxiety. However, if they can manage their eating habits, they will remain healthy for most of their life.

8. Who are the most famous Aquarius ascendant celebrities?

The most popular Aquarius ascendant female celebrities include Nicki Minaj, Lindsay Lohan, JK Rowling, and Khloe Kardashian. The most admired Aquarius ascendant male celebrities include Matt Damon, James Blunt, Jim Morrison, and EX-US President, Barack Obama.

9. Who are the most famous Aquarius ascendant Indian celebrities?

The most popular and successful Aquarius ascendant Indian celebrities include Miss World Sushmita Sen, the legendary actor Dharmendra, and Imran Khan.

10. Are Aquarius risings intelligent?

Yes. These people are very learned and they acquire a lot of knowledge in their life. They’re logical and pleasant to strike a meaningful conversation with.

11. How will the married life of Aquarius ascendant be?

It’s full of ups and downs. If their partner requires them to indulge in PDA, they won’t. Aquarius ascendants do not convey their feelings in public. They’re very private people. Yet, their marriage hardly results in divorce or permanent estrangement.

12. How is an Aquarius rising in relationships?

An Aquarius rising man and woman are loyal and committed. However, these people don’t like PDA. They can be stubborn, especially an Aquarius rising man.

13. Who should an Aquarius ascendant marry?

Aquarius risings should marry someone who understands that being romantic in public is not their thing. These people are most compatible with Virgo risings and Libra risings.

14. What does it mean if you have Jupiter in the 7th house of Aquarius ascendant?

It means you’ll be blessed with a good-looking spouse. You will also earn a lot of wealth and your children will be obedient and capable. You will have great chemistry with your spouse.

15. What is the best Aquarius ascendant career?

Aquarius ascendants can be exceptional doctors and surgeons, dancers, singers, actors, and writers. They also flare very well in politics, engineering, and the army. These people are also meant to work in the pharmaceutical industries and oil industries.

16. What are Aquarius rising traits?

These people are extremely hard-working, compassionate, and loyal. They are intuitive and creative too. Also, they are unbiased, confident, and straightforward.

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