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Smartest Zodiac Sign ranked in order [2023]! Find Out the Most Intelligent Zodiac Sign and the Dumbest Zodiac Sign

Smartest Zodiac Sign ranked in order [2023]! Find Out the Most Intelligent Zodiac Sign and the Dumbest Zodiac Sign

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It’s pretty ruthless and certainly not correct to label a zodiac sign as dumb. It is the planetary alignment, also known as Graha Dasha, that makes certain zodiac signs take stupid decisions at times. And the beauty of planets is that they are not constant. They keep switching places in a birth chart (Kundli) every year. It means that the zodiac sign that made stupid decisions in 2022 might not make those mistakes in 2023. In this guide, we will be talking about the smartest zodiac signs to the dumbest zodiac signs in 2023 and find out the most Intelligent Zodiac Sign of the lot.

But as we said, silliness won’t last forever. Smartness is a state of mind and the mind is constantly influenced by planets. So, while we are ranking zodiac signs on the scale of smartness, that is just for this year. The next year might bring something else. 

Having said that, take a plunge and find out which is the most intelligent zodiac sign of 2023 and if you’re one of the smart ones this year. 

Smartest to Dumbest Zodiac Signs for 2023 


Aquarius zodiac sign individuals are born with the intelligence of the next level. They’re ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus makes these people free-spirited. Saturn, on the other hand, keeps their minds stable. That’s the pattern that has continued for years and is going to be the same this year too. So, Aquarius, needless to say, is the most intelligent zodiac sign of 2023. 

If you are an Aquarius, just trust your instincts and take financial decisions according to your gut feeling. 2023 is going to be your year. So, make the most of it. 


The Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by Mars (Mangal Graha). The mightiest and the most feared of all the 9 planets, Mars will protect its natives this year as well. If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, it is not easy to fool you or manipulate you. 

Backed by the strength and wit of Mars, Scorpio people will make smart and logical career decisions in 2023. It is highly likely that these people might get a promotion towards the end of the year. 


Complex personality and the curiosity to solve all problems and explore the unexplored make Virgo one of the smartest zodiac signs. The pattern isn’t changing this year either. The headstrong attitude and never-say-no kind of passion will make 2023 a wonderful year for the Virgo zodiac sign. 


Usually associated with the stigma of making poor decisions because of their over-emotional state of mind, the Cancer zodiac sign will surprisingly make very logical decisions this year. 

2023 is going to be a balanced year for cancer-born individuals. Have the courage to back up your thoughts and aspirations. Your instincts can make you one of the most intelligent zodiac signs this year. 


The Pisces zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter, in Hinduism, is known as Guru Graha, the planet of knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence. So, the trend of making smart decisions and getting success in life will continue for the Pisces zodiac sign individuals in 2023 too. 

If your zodiac sign is Pisces, try to impart the wisdom that you are blessed with with other people around you. It will open the gates of new possibilities and you might end up making friends who will truly care about you.

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Usually known for the balance and poise with which they tackle all situations, Libra-born individuals might not enjoy the same level of balance in 2023. Bias might cloud their judgment this year. If your zodiac sign is Libra, it is advised that you stay away from controversies in 2023.


Ego can be the doom of the Capricorn zodiac sign in 2023. These people are very capable and have excellent leadership skills. However, it’s their stubborn attitude that puts them in odd situations. While they usually manage to get themselves out of trouble due to their persuasive power, it might not be enough this year. 

We still won’t call Capricorn the dumbest zodiac sign. These people do have the strength to face the result of their own deeds. That’s what might save them from making serious blunders this year. 


It’s sad that even thinkers as great as Gemini-born individuals can make foolish decisions. But, that’s the way it is. 2023 isn’t going to be a particularly fruitful year for the Gemini zodiac sign. Sadly, despite their great sense of humor and excellent communication skills, Gemini-born people are in the category of the least intelligent zodiac sign of 2023. 

One pro tip that will make situations less embarrassing for the Gemini zodiac people is avoiding conflicts with relatives in the open. 


Usually, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is amongst the finest decision-makers. But there’s a fine line between intelligence and arrogance, and sadly, Sagittarius will make a cross to the latter side, the side of arrogance, in 2023. Their inability to accept suggestions, good suggestions, from colleagues and friends will put them in a tough spot. 

Sagittarius-born people might lose more than just money in 2023. Their arrogance might also cost them some genuine friends. So, we have to say that Sagittarius will be the dumbest zodiac sign in 2023.


Ego will see the doom of another very strong zodiac sign, Leo, this year. Usually respected for their intelligence and intellect, arrogance will turn the tables this year for the Leo zodiac sign. 

These people will end up losing many opportunities just because they won’t be able to appreciate the good in others. Not the dumbest of all, but Leo will be one of the most disliked zodiac signs of 2023.


Aries-born individuals will find their lives turned upside down due to the irrational decisions that they might make on impulse. Locking horns with people in higher positions will make matters even worse. And the worst of all the things is that Aries people won’t have many logical arguments to prove their point at work. 

Without a doubt, Aries is going to be one of the least intelligent zodiac signs this year. 


The inability to understand that you can’t always win an argument will make the Taurus zodiac sign individuals take beyond foolish decisions at work in 2023. The Taurus zodiac sign will particularly feel lethargic this year and will blame others, mostly their near and dear ones, for all the failures that they will endure.

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, then, sadly, you are the least intelligent zodiac sign of 2023 and the dumbest too. But as we mentioned earlier, silliness is as temporary as smartness. So, you never know, the coming year might make you the smartest and the brightest of all other zodiac signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the smartest zodiac sign of 2023?

Aquarius and Scorpio are the smartest zodiac signs that will have a particularly good run in the year 2023 in their personal life as well as professional life.

2. Which zodiac sign is the dumbest?

The inability to accept defeat will make Taurus the dumbest zodiac sign this year, closely followed by Sagittarius.

3. Which is the least intelligent zodiac sign?

Taurus will be the least intelligent zodiac sign of 2023, closely followed by Aries.

4. Which is the most intelligent zodiac sign?

Scorpio will steal the cake in 2023. Next in the line of most intelligent zodiac signs of 2023 are Aquarius, Virgo, and Cancer.

5. Which zodiac is the wisest in 2023?

Aquarius is the wisest zodiac sign closely followed by Scorpio. Pisces is another zodiac in the list of wisest zodiac signs since it is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge.

6. Which is the emotionally stable zodiac sign in 2023?

Virgo will be the most emotionally stable zodiac in 2023. The headstrong attitude will take Virgo a long way this year.

7. Which zodiac sign will be most logical in 2023?

Virgo will again steal the cake. It will be closely followed by Cancer.

8. Which zodiac sign is multi-talented?

Pisces is a multi-talent zodiac sign. It will also be one of the most successful zodiac signs in 2023.

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