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A Complete Guide on Libra Ascendant, Libra Rising | Know Everything About a Libra Ascendant, Libra Rising Traits

A Complete Guide on Libra Ascendant, Libra Rising | Know Everything About a Libra Ascendant, Libra Rising Traits

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The ascendant sign of a person is the hallmark of how the world sees the native. It’s more like the social personality and outward behavior of a person. It’s different from zodiac signs (Sun sign) and Moon signs. In this guide, we will take you through the general meaning of the ascendant sign and what it means to be a Libra ascendant. Dive in for all the info! 

The Role of Rising Sign – What Does Your Ascendant Sign Mean?

Every house in Vedic astrology has its own significance. The 1st house is no different. It’s known as the ascendant house. 

A person is born with a fixed zodiac sign that’s determined by the month of birth. Similarly, when a child is born, a specific zodiac sign is present in the 1st house. That zodiac sign becomes the ascendant sign of the person for the rest of his/her life. 

Needless to say, when people say they are Libra rising, it means Libra zodiac was present in their 1st house at the exact time of their birth. 

Your ascendant sign plays a role in your social behavior. It’s also about the external packaging: your appearance and the impression you leave on the minds of people who meet you for the first time. 

6 Libra Rising Personality Traits You Should Know

Libra Ascendant Appearance – Are Libra Ascendants beautiful?

The ascendant lord of Libra rising is Venus. Venus, as you might already know, rules luxury, beauty, and sex appeal. Clearly, Libra risings are born with intense killer looks. 

A Libra rising woman has a direct poking gaze as if she can see inside the soul of a person. These ladies always look younger than they are. They have slim bodies and flawless fair skin. They usually have a medium height and lush dense long hair. Also, they are blessed with seductive curves

A Libra rising man is extremely handsome. These men are usually quite tall. They have seductive eyes and a perfectly symmetrical forehead. They have a strong athletic body and fair to olive-gold and tanned skin

The most popular Libra ascendant celebrities that just happen to prove our point include the following. 

  1. Libra Rising Celebrities, Female – Kate Winslet, Britney Spears, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Cattrall. 
  2. Libra Ascendant Celebrities, Male – Leonardo DiCaprio, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, and George Harrison. 

Libra Rising Traits – Are Libra Ascendants Good? 

Libra risings are usually very warm and good-natured. These people are well-mannered and they hardly raise their voices. Unless pushed to the edge, they don’t mean harm to anyone. 

  1. They’re Extremely Creative – Venus is the responsible body behind the immense creativity of a Libra ascendant. These people have an unending love and appreciation for art. 
  2. They’re too much into looks – Despite Libra risings being very attractive by birth, they still spend a lot of their time perfecting their already perfect appearance. 
  3. They Have a Strong Sense of Justice – A Libra rising is unbiased. That’s one of the reasons that people trust their judgment a lot. 
  4. They are Curious Beings – A Libra ascendant likes to learn and explore. These people are always eager to explore new places and learn about new cultures. To put it simply, life with them is pretty wild and adventurous. 
  5. They are Peacemakers – Libra risings use their intellect and logic to resolve a dispute. They believe that violence and aggression aren’t always required. 
  6. They’re smart and intelligent – It’s very hard to win an argument with Libra ascendants since most of what they talk about is backed up by facts. 
  7. They are quite straightforward – Libra risings never mince their words because they don’t care what others might think about them. They don’t try to impress everybody and they do not have the urge to be liked by all. Precisely, these people are the least diplomatic people you’ll ever come across. 
  8. They get pretty restless when in love – Very logical and rational in their life, the entire personality of a Libra rising changes in love. They are hardly ever satisfied with their partners since they expect a lot. 
  9. They’re impatient lovers – Libra risings are very impatient in love. They tend to act like a child at times and it can be really frustrating trying to win an argument with them. 

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Libra Rising Love Life – How is a Libra Rising Personality in Love? 

A Libra ascendant, especially a Libra ascendant man, doesn’t have patience. It creates a lot of trouble in their love life. These people are so perfect that it’s hard for them to see perfection in their partners. That said, they can go to any extent to physically and emotionally protect their partners

A Libra rising woman in love is a lot more balanced than a Libra rising man. Yes, these ladies are critical about what their partners say and do, but they are very careful with their words. They try not to hurt their partners. They are as loyal as a hound and never cheat on their partners. Whilst they’re not all about looks, appearance does matter to them. You might not be the most good-looking man, but you have to be well-dressed and properly groomed when dating these ladies. 

A Libra rising man in love gets too restless too quickly. Whilst he’s looking for a good-looking mate, that’s not the only thing he needs. He requires fun, humor, and loyalty. He might start dating you because you’re sexy and enjoy the hot steamy sex for a couple of months, but, if he finds you shallow or flirtatious, he’s going to dump you. When a Libra rising man is in love, he tends to offer his woman the protection of his body and soul. The best thing being, he’s never emotionally absent in a relationship. 

Libra Rising Compatibility and Marriage – Are Libra Risings Loyal? 

It takes someone very, very mature to understand that Libra risings criticize only those people they’re extremely fond of. They try to perfect you only because they want the best for you.

Libra ascendants aren’t perfect for everybody. They can be very critical and impatient. Hence, they aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Their marriage is most successful with Gemini ascendants and Leo ascendants. They also make a wonderful pair with the Sagittarius zodiac sign and the Aquarius zodiac sign. 

A Libra rising man is a very faithful husband. He might flirt around a bit, but he never cheats. Once he says, I do, he means, for better or worse!

A Libra rising woman is very loving and her husband is her entire world. She’s oblivious to every other man, no matter how handsome, when she’s married. 

Libra Rising Health – What Health Problems do Libra Ascendants Have? 

Libra ascendants usually have very sensitive skin. They can easily develop skin inflammation or acne if they don’t watch what they’re eating. These people also suffer from cold and fever. Kidney disorders are the most serious concern that they should be aware of. 

Astrologers suggest that Libra risings should wear a diamond ring to strengthen their Venus as protection against health disorders.

Libra Rising Likes – How to Spot a Libra Rising? 

Libra risings are usually attracted to looks. That’s just one factor though. They also find humor and logic irresistible. In fact, logic, for them, is more important than good looks. 

Libra ascendants are the most outspoken people you’ll ever come across. If you see a person trying to pacify an argument peacefully by using just wit and logic, you have most likely spotted a Libra rising

Bird’s-eye View of a Libra Ascendant 

Planets and Their Relationships with Libra Ascendants 

Strong Venus is naturally very beneficial for Libra risings since it’s their Lagna lord. 

  1. Friendly planets – Saturn, the planet of justice and karma is very beneficial for Libra risings. When positively placed, it makes these people powerful and very rich and famous. 
  2. Enemy planets – Mars, Jupiter, and Rahu are extremely malefic for Libra risings. Ketu and Sun are the next in the line of enemy planets.

Libra Ascendant Career Options – Are Libra Risings Successful? 
Libra risings are blessed with the creative capability of Venus. Hence, they excel very well as actors, singers and songwriters, and writers. Since these people are extremely unbiased and driven by justice, they also make extremely good lawyers and judges. Not to forget, logic, curiosity, and peacemaking govern their personality. Hence, they can also work as motivational speakers, doctors, and team leaders. Lastly, they excel exceptionally well in businesses related to Sea and hospitality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your ascendant sign mean?

Your ascendant sign means your social personality. It’s that zodiac that was present in your ascendant house (1st house) at the time of your birth.

2. What does it mean to have a Libra ascendant?

Libra ascendant means Libra zodiac was sitting in your 1st house at the exact time when you were born. Even seconds and nano-seconds matter.

3. Are Libra ascendants good?

Yes. These people are well-behaved. They do not make people around them uncomfortable. They’re usually warm and cordial.

4. Are Libra Ascendants beautiful?

Yes. Venus, the planet of beauty, is the Lagna lord of Libra ascendants. It makes these natives, both Libra ascendant women and men, immensely good-looking.

5. How does a Libra ascendant woman look?

These women have slim sexy bodies with perfect curves. They have a medium height and a beautiful fair complexion.

6. How is a Libra ascendant man in appearance?

These men are usually tall and extremely handsome. They have very seductive eyes. They can be fair as well as tanned. Also, these men have perfectly symmetrical foreheads and very strong athletic bodies.

7. Who is a Libra rising attracted to?

Libra risings are very much attracted to good looks and logic. They find humorous people very appealing.

8. Who is compatible with Libra rising?

Libra ascendants are most compatible with Gemini ascendants and Leo ascendants. They can also marry Sagittarius zodiac signs and Aquarius zodiac signs.

9. Who are the most popular Libra ascendant celebrities?

The most popular Libra rising woman celebrities include Kate Winslet, Britney Spears, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Cattrall. The most famous Libra ascendant male celebrities include Leonardo DiCaprio, John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, and George Harrison.

10. How is a Libra ascendant woman in marriage?

A Libra rising woman is very loyal. She will never cheat or flirt with other men.

11. Is a Libra ascendant man a loyal husband?

The Libra rising man might, at times, get a bit flirty. But, he knows his duties. Hence, he is a loyal husband and never cheats.

12. What is the best Libra ascendant career option?

Libra ascendants can be very successful actors, singers and songwriters, and writers. They’re also very good lawyers and judges. Also, they can work as motivational speakers, doctors, and team leaders. Lastly, they flare very well in businesses related to Sea and hospitality.

13. How to spot a Libra rising?

It’s very easy. A peacemaker trying to settle a dispute using pure logic is most likely a Libra rising.

14. How is a Libra rising personality?

Libra risings are easily the most logical and intelligent people. They’re warm and unbiased. They are straightforward. Also, they’re extremely creative.

15. What is the personality of a Libra rising woman in love?

She’s a balanced woman in love. She watches her language and tone. Also, these ladies try not to hurt their partners despite they’re critical about almost everything.

16. What is the personality of a Libra rising man in love?

A Libra rising man can be very impatient and restless in love. However, he always supports his lady love emotionally. He protects his girl at all costs.

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