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A Complete Guide on Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising | Know Everything About a Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising Traits

A Complete Guide on Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising | Know Everything About a Pisces Ascendant, Pisces Rising Traits

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The rising sign or the ascendant sign, as it is called popularly, determines how you want the world to see you. It is responsible for the way you look ( your physical appearance) and the way you socialize (your first impression on people around you). If you’re a Pisces ascendant or you want to figure out the Pisces rising traits in general, then this guide has been specially curated for you. 

Dive in to explore the real personality of a Pisces rising woman and a Pisces rising man! 

Meaning of Pisces Rising – Is Pisces Rising Rare? 

People often lose their way when it comes to understanding the meaning of Pisces ascendant and how it’s different from their zodiac signs. The concept isn’t that hard though. 

  1. A zodiac sign represents the birth month. For instance, if your birthday falls in the range of March 21st to April 19th, your zodiac sign is Aries, and so on.
  2. A rising sign (ascendant sign) depends upon the time of your birth. The zodiac sign that was present in your 1st house at the time you were born becomes your ascendant sign

To simplify things further, let’s combine the two factors listed above: Your zodiac sign was Aries because you were born on or between March 21st and April 19th. And, Pisces was in your 1st house at the time of your birth. So, your rising sign is Pisces. Hence, you’re a Pisces ascendant. 

That said, let’s now find out why Pisces rising is rare

Three things in astrology are main: The 12 houses, the 12 zodiac signs, and the Sun. When we talk about zodiac signs and houses in astrology, they belong to people on Earth. So, when the Sun changes its position between houses and zodiacs, it happens because the Earth is revolving around the Sun (the Sun is fixed, it doesn’t rotate). Now, there are 24 hours in a day and 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs. The careful division says that the Sun should spend exactly 2 hours in every house (24 hours divided by 12 houses is equal to 2) and 1 month in every zodiac (since the Sun sits in a zodiac for about 30 days and covers all the 12 zodiacs in 12 months). That’s not the case though. 

When Pisces sits in the 1st house (1st house is the ascendant house where the Sun rises), the Sun spends less than 100 minutes in the 1st house and then shifts to the next house. Which means, the Sun spends less time in the 1st house during Pisces rising. Hence, Pisces rising is a rare phenomenon because the Pisces quadrant in the 1st house is smaller than others

Facts About Pisces Rising – Is Pisces Rising Bad? 

Pisces rising is rare, not bad. It’s a very auspicious time for birth. Your personality can be deciphered in the following ways. 

  1. Jupiter rules Pisces. Hence, it is the Lagna Lord (ascendant Lord) for Pisces ascendants. 
  2. Jupiter is the Guru (teacher) of all planets. It signifies intellect, intelligence, and fortune. It means, Pisces ascendants are very intelligent and wise just like Jupiter, their ascendant lord. 
  3. Whenever Jupiter sits in the 5th house of the Pisces ascendants, the natives enjoy a very healthy life and make a lot of money

5 Pisces Rising Traits You Should Know 

Pisces Ascendant Physical Appearance – Are Pisces Rising Attractive? 

Pisces ascendants are some of the most attractive people on the planet. Their frame might be slight but they’re exceptionally stunning. 

A Pisces ascendant man has the look of a sexy scholar. These men usually have an average height (about 5’8″ or 5’10”), a very well-built body and dreamy eyes that’ll steal your heart the minute you see them. They’re glorious to look at and very tender when it comes to love making

A Pisces ascendant woman has a glorious sexy body. These ladies have a slim figure. They are usually short (about 5’3″ to 5’5″). They have very soft delicate hands and a flawless fair to medium-brown complexion

The most popular Pisces ascendant celebrities that fit the description of Pisces ascendant, as most of you would too, are as follows!

  1. Pisces Ascendant Woman Celebrities – Demi Moore, Whitney Houston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nancy Spungen, and Amanda Bynes. 
  2. Pisces Ascendant Man Celebrities – Micheal Jackson, Richard Pryor, Johnny Cash, and Wayne Dyer. 

Pisces Ascendant Personality – What is Pisces Rising Like? 

Pisces ascendants have the first impression of being shy and very reserved. The first thing that people notice about Pisces rising is their soft voice and puppy-like big lost eyes

  1. They’re shy, not stupid – Pisces ascendants are reserved and they can balance their emotions. But, they’re not stupid. They’re very much aware of what others are up-to all the time. 
  2. They’re very compassionate – They care about the feelings of others so much that they get overindulged in the life of other people. A Pisces ascendant will always help the underprivileged and weaker ones. 
  3. Inside, they’re an emotional mess – They do have the art to balance their emotions in public but they’re sort of oversensitive. It makes them a bit hard to date. 
  4. They can easily fool others – This is a debatable trait. Nobody knows whether it’s good or bad except a Pisces ascendant. Some call them chameleons because they change every now and then. Some call them adapting since they can blend in any situation. Precisely, they can fool you if they want to. 
  5. They’re Lost Happy Souls – Pisces ascendants, especially a Pisces ascendant woman, palpitate so much happiness that it’s impossible to not enjoy their company. But, when it comes to feeling mentally settled, they feel lost and confused. It’s one of the reasons that these people can easily fall into the abyss of drugs and alcohol. 
  6. They are Passive-Aggressive – If they don’t like you, they won’t say it on your face. You’ll get to know about their feelings from people around you. It’s one of the most frustrating traits of Pisces ascendants. 
  7. They’re Jealous Lovers – It’s a joy to date them until you make them jealous. They can react very badly even in public if they feel insecure. The good thing being, they won’t feel jealous until you give them a reason. So, as long as you’re not flirting with others, you’re in the safe zone. 
  8. They’re Very Intelligent and Successful – Ask them a question and, 90 times out of 100, they will have the answer. Jupiter imparts the quality of learning. The quest to learn is so strongly imbibed in their soul that it’s impossible for them to not succeed once they set their minds to it. 

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Pisces Ascendant Love Life – What are Pisces Rising Attracted to? 

A Pisces woman in love is a leaky puddle of melodrama. These ladies are hopeless romantics and they do tend to compromise a lot, A LOT, just to make their relationships work even when there isn’t any hope left. 

A Pisces ascendant woman doesn’t date casually. She’s a committed woman and when in love, there’s no match for her sexual energy. 

A Pisces ascendant man somehow attracts heartbreak. These gentlemen don’t see the world as it is when they’re in love. By the time they see the reality, they’re already left heartbroken. The bad part is, they still don’t learn. They’re hopeless romantics who would even lay their lives for the women they love. 

Pisces ascendants are generally attracted to humor and sass. If you can make them laugh, laugh at their jokes, and have a knack to explore new places, they’ll fall head over heels in love with you. 

Pisces Ascendant Compatibility – Who should a Pisces Ascendant Marry? 

Pisces ascendants are pure-hearted, emotional, and selfless in love. Really, it’s not that hard to admire their innocence and fall in love. All it needs is someone as pure-hearted as these people. If you’re any of the following, a Pisces ascendant is your true calling. 

  1. Cancer zodiac sign and cancer rising sign. 
  2. Leo zodiac sign and Leo rising sign. 
  3. Scorpio ascendant sign. 

A Pisces man is a gentle tender lover. He takes his own sweet time to drive his lady crazy in bed. He’s a thorough lover and won’t ever rush. If you’re his wife, you’ll never leave the bed unsatisfied. 

Pisces Ascendant Health – What Health Issues do Pisces Rising Have? 

Pisces rising aren’t very lucky when it comes to health. They are usually troubled with coughs and colds. These people are also at the risk of bone and joint diseases like arthritis at the later stages of their lives. 

That being said, since Pisces risings are emotional, they do tend to face mental issues like depression. There are times when they lose all hope and feel vulnerable and lonely. 

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone of Jupiter. Hence, astrologers always recommend that Pisces ascendants should wear a yellow sapphire since it’ll protect them from sickness. 

Bird’s-eye View of Aries Ascendants

Connection of Planets With Pisces AscendantsIs Pisces Rising Good? 

Naturally, as the Lagna Lord, Jupiter should be the most beneficial planet for a Pisces ascendant. However, it’s neutral. The reason is, Jupiter in the 10th house for Pisces ascendants can create Kendradhipati dosha. However, since it’s the lagna lord for Pisces ascendants, Jupiter doesn’t cause any harm. It either remains neutral or benefic, but it’s never malefic for its natives. 

  1. Friendly Planets for Pisces Ascendants – The moon is your biggest friend. If it’s well-placed, you’ll always achieve success. Mars is the second best planet for you.
  2. Malice/Enemy Planets for Pisces Ascendants – Venus, despite its not a malefic planet in general, is your energy. 

There’s a big misconception about Saturn being bad for Pisces ascendants. The truth is, Saturn in the 12th house for Pisces ascendants does make them rebellious. But, that rebellion is usually for a good cause. Saturn will not cause decline in your wealth and it, most certainly, doesn’t mean that you’ll die. 

Professional Life of Pisces Ascendants – Are Pisces Ascendant Successful?
Pisces ascendants are very creative. When they’re in the right fields and the Moon and Mars are well-placed, these people become very rich and successful. The best careers for these people include acting, Novel writing , singing and songwriting, and even modelling. These people also thrive in the hospitality and health sectors because they’re very compassionate and kind-hearted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does rising in Pisces mean?

Pisces rising means that when you were born, the Pisces zodiac was in your 1st house. It makes you a shy and a super compassionate person who’s always eager to help others.

2. Who is Pisces ascendant Lord?

Jupiter is the Lagna lord of Taurus rising. It’s a neutral planet for these natives. However, it offers money and good health when it sits in the 5th house.

3. What is Pisces rising aura like?

Pisces rising have a happy palpable aura. These ascendants are always trying to make others laugh and infuse energy and life.

4. How to Spot a Pisces Rising?

It’s very easy. If you see a daydreamer who’s least bothered even in a crowd of thousands, you’re most likely seeing a Pisces ascendant.

5. Is Pisces rising good?

Yes. When the Lagna Lord (Jupiter) is in the 5th house it bestows the natives with immense wealth and good health.

6. Is Pisces rising bad?

No. When you have a benefic moon and a benefic Mars or when Jupiter is in your 5th house, you become literally invincible.

7. Is Pisces rising rare?

Yes. The Sun spends less than 100 minutes in the 1st house with Pisces in it. Hence, it’s rare.

8. Are Pisces rising attractive?

Yes. Jupiter blesses these natives with more than just knowledge. It makes the men dreamy and the women sexy.

9. What is a Pisces rising like?

A Pisces rising is shy but very intuitive. These ascendants fall in love hard, they can fool others if they want to, and they’re compassionate and kind. However, they are a bit jealous in love.

10. How is a Pisces rising woman in love?

She is very loyal and will also try to make her partner happy. She’s a gentle soul, a hopeless romantic, and a bit
in love.

11. What are Pisces rising attracted to?

Humor is the key to their heart. They are also extremely attracted to people who are explorers and love to explore new places.

12. What is a Pisces rising man attracted to?

A Pisces rising man falls hard for women with a bit of sass. They always enjoy the company of ladies who find them funny and laugh at their jokes.

13. Who should a Pisces ascendant marry?

Pisces ascendants are emotional and very loyal. They need a partner who can understand their feelings. Hence, they make a perfect match with Cancer zodiac sign, cancer rising sign, Leo zodiac sign, Leo rising sign, and Scorpio ascendant sign.

14. How is a Pisces rising man in marriage?

A Pisces rising man becomes a very loyal husband. He’s a very gentle lover and makes tender love to his wife.

15. How is a Pisces ascendant man in bed?

He believes in pleasing his lady. He’s not in a rush to finish his business. A Pisces ascendant man is a thorough lover who drives his lady crazy with a lot of foreplay.

16. What are the best Pisces rising careers?

These people flare well as actors, authors, singers, and songwriters. They also do exceptionally well in the modelling, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

17. How is a Pisces rising male appearance?

A Pisces rising male has an average height, dreamy eyes, and the sexy look of a scholar. They have a well-built strong body.

18. How is Pisces ascendant health?

It’s not their strength. They can suffer from bone and joint diseases and are highly prone to catching coughs and colds. They can also fall into depression.

19. Is Saturn good for Pisces ascendant?

For all that is true, it’s not bad. People tend to have a misconception that Saturn in the 12th house of Pisces ascendant is bad. But, that’s untrue. The planet does make you rebellious, but it doesn’t take away your wealth and it doesn’t harm your health either.

20. Which planets are friends of Pisces rising?

The moon is most beneficial for Pisces rising. Mars is also a very good friend of these people. Jupiter is neutral for them.

21. Is Venus good for Pisces ascendant?

No. Venus is an ardent enemy of Pisces ascendants. It can result in lost fortune, debts, and even diseases.

22. Which are enemy planets for Pisces ascendants?

Venus is a hardcore enemy of Pisces ascendants. It can deplete the wealth and ruin the health of the natives.

23. What is the lucky gemstone for Pisces Ascendants?

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone that Pisces ascendants should wear for good luck, good health, and wealth.

24. Are zodiac signs and ascendant signs the same thing?

No. Your zodiac sign depends on your birth month. Your ascendant sign is the zodiac that was present in your 1st house at the time of your birth.

25. Who are the most popular Pisces ascendant celebrities?

The Pisces ascendant woman celebrities include Demi Moore, Whitney Houston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nancy Spungen, and Amanda Bynes. The Pisces ascendant man celebrities include Micheal Jackson, Richard Pryor, Johnny Cash, and Wayne Dyer.

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