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What is Black Magic? Know Remedies for Black Magic Removal

What is Black Magic? Know Remedies for Black Magic Removal

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Some people call it superstition, some others might even laugh it off. But Black Magic has been talked about in many cultures spread across centuries. It is also known as witchcraft or Kala Jadu. The believers of astrology who believe in the ill-effects of Black Magic will find this guide particularly very helpful. In this guide, we will explain what is black magic, what are the symptoms of black magic, and the remedies for Black magic removal to protect yourself against it. Dive in! 

What is Black Magic? 

Black magic or Kala Jadu is an evil practice that calls upon supernatural demonic powers to harm others. People who practice black magic often do it after sunset, mostly at midnight or even later. The purpose of doing black magic is to bring physical, mental, and financial harm to someone. 

Using tantra vidya to bring harm to somebody out of jealousy or to take revenge is one of the most condemned practices in all cultures. 

Black Magic in Different Cultures 

People across different cultures believe in Black Magic. It is, however, most commonly practiced in Hinduism and Islam. In fact, witchcraft was extremely prevalent in Europe and Scotland in medieval times. People practicing witchcraft were given the death penalty during those times. 

Hindus believe Kala Jadu calls upon evil and bloodthirsty spirits. On the other hand, Kala Jadu in Islam is a practice that’s used to call upon a Jinn (genie). A jinn is known to possess many powers including vashikaran (controlling the mind and body of someone). If a jinn is sent after someone, it is believed that he does not leave that person very easily. 

3 Symptoms of Black Magic 

Whether in Islam or Hinduism or any other culture, the symptoms of black magic are the same. If you or any member of your person has at least 2 symptoms listed below, it’s most likely that someone has used Black Magic against you. 

Illness that Cannot Be Explained by Science 

When someone starts complaining about feeling sick and medical science has no explanation, it’s the biggest red flag that indicates Black Magic. 

The most common complaint that the victims of Black Magic do is experiencing a very sharp headache. 

They do not respond to medicines of any kind. And no amount of medical investigation can detect a possible health condition. If you or any member of your family is experiencing a similar problem, it’s either the evil eyes of a neighbor or Black magic. 

Losing Control Over the Body and Mind 

This is what vashikaran does to a person – supernatural powers work through the body and mind of the victim. If you feel you’re being forced to do something that you don’t want to do by some unseen power, it means somebody has sent a jinn after you. 

  1. You might start getting thoughts of committing suicide despite you don’t want to do it. 
  2. You might feel depressed and angry all the time. 
  3. You might not be able to recall some things that you did. 

The feeling of Pins and Needles 

This is one of the worst symptoms, even the ill-effect, of Black Magic. It’s the highest form of tantra vidya where the person practicing black magic makes a doll of the victim. The doll has either the hair or nail of the victim. Following this, the person who’s doing black magic pokes pins in the body of the doll. As a result, the victim feels sharp pain wherever the pins are poked in the doll. 

Other Common Signs of Black Magic

  • If your heartbeat races at an abnormally fast rate and you have acute chest pain, this could also be a black magic indicator.
  • If you want to see if you or someone you know is under the power of black magic, look at their face colour.
  • If your face turns pale yellow, it’s one of the most reliable symptoms that you’re being influenced by black magic.
  • Another indicator of the same is that you will not experience joy or happiness, no matter how wonderful events occur in your life.
  • You will constantly be surrounded by sadness.
  • There would be constant hunger, and the desire to eat would be insatiable.
  • Suicidal thoughts, persistent worry, and a desperate desire to be cut off from family and home would all become more common.
  • You will feel cut off from the rest of the world and like being alone and secluded.
  • You are not the only one who sees black magic indications. Your family may suffer if the person does the practice with too much desperation and determination.
  • There could be an ongoing disease in your family, or your family members could abruptly cut you off.
  • There could also be sterility in the absence of any medical or physical problems or deficiencies. So, if you come across something like this, take it as major evidence of black magic.
  • Black magic is the term for sudden, unnatural deaths. Furthermore, you have experienced the death of a child in your family or the lady who is pregnant has had an abortion, which is a major black magic indicator to be aware of.
  • Last but not least, disagreements are one of the most typical manifestations of black magic. Fights, miscommunications, and disagreements among family members can be frequent and violent. It may also bring with it fear of foes and a spouse.


3 Ways of Black Magic Removal 

People who have weak Rahu or Ketu are the easiest targets of black magic. Children and adults are all affected equally. 

Pujas for Black Magic Removal

Astrology insists on worshiping Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga to remove black magic. These two deities kill demons and evil powers. So, performing puja to call upon these goddesses is one of the best ways to remove Black Magic. Durga saptashati puja and Mahakali puja remove all the effects of evil powers. 

Sadhus for Black Magic Removal

Learned Sadhus and Aghori Babas have the higher knowledge to reverse black magic. Reversing black magic means that the person who has done Black Magic in the first place suffers from the result of the evil deed while the victim is cured. 

Totkas for Black Magic Removal

There are many totkas using which the victim can be freed from the trap of black magic. However, bear in mind, doing totkas on your own is effective only if the Black Magic isn’t of advanced level. If the black magic done on you involves sending a jinn after you or making a black doll, you will have to visit an astrologer to get the problem solved. That said, let’s take you through the 3 most effective totkas to remove black magic. 

  1. Amavasya Totka This totka has to be done at midnight during Amavasya. Take seven dried red chilies and til seeds in your right palm. Rotate them over your head 7 times. Keep them inside a black cloth and go outside the house without looking back. Burn the cloth exactly at midnight. 
  2. Salt Totka Take some salt, preferably, Epsom salt since it absorbs negative energies, in your right palm and rotate it around your head 7 times in an anticlockwise direction. Go to a river or a lake and throw the salt.
  3. Diya Totka Take a Diya. Put some mustard oil in it. Now dip two long cotton strands in the oil and light them up. Take a silver plate and a chimta. Use the chimta to pick up the burning cotton strands and keep them on the plate. Rotate the plate over the head of the member who’s the victim of black magic. Sit in front of an open bathroom. Take a slipper and beat the burning cotton stands with it. Now pick them up with the chimta and flush them in the toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Black Magic?

Black magic, also known as Kala Jadu and witchcraft, is the practice of using evil supernatural forces to bring harm to someone.

2. What is Black Magic in Islam?

Calling upon a Jinn and sending that Jinn after the victim to cause problems is Black Magic in Islam.

3. How to remove black magic?

You can organize a Kali puja and Durga puja at home. You can also perform red chili totkas and salt totkas.

4. What are the symptoms of Black Magic?

Headache and pricking pain in the body that doctors can’t explain or treat, getting suicidal thoughts, being angry and depressed all the time, and the feeling of being controlled by some unexplained and unseen power.