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How to Attract Prosperity with Feng Shui Frog: Find Out How to Activate the Chinese Money Frog

How to Attract Prosperity with Feng Shui Frog: Find Out How to Activate the Chinese Money Frog

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A 3-legged toad, also known as the Chinese money frog (Feng Shui Frog) is a symbol of wealth, fortune, and long life in feng shui. There are many interesting mythological legends about the existence of the Chinese money frog (Feng Shui Money Frog) that is associated with the planet Moon and Liu Hai, the Chinese God of Coins and Gold. Want to know how to attract prosperity with Chinese money frogs (Feng Shui Money Frog) and how to activate the money frog? If so, this guide has all the answers. Dive in! 

Legends About the Chinese Money Frog (Feng Shui Money Frog) – Does Frog Bring Good Luck? 

A Chinese money frog is a statue of a three-legged toad with red eyes, sitting on a pile of precious Chinese coins. It’s mostly a metallic statue with a coin in its mouth. The toad has two front legs and one back leg. 

According to a popular Chinese legend, the money frog used to reside on the Moon alongside its master, Liu Hai (God of Coins in China). The frog had the magical powers to produce gold coins and silver coins from its mouth. 

According to another interesting legend, the money frog is believed to be the wife of the Moon. It is a common belief that she once stole the elixir of immortality from the Moon. As a result of the curse from her husband, she turned into a three-legged toad. 

A frog in China is considered to be a bringer and signifier of immense luck and sudden fortune. 

How to Activate the Chinese Money Frog (Feng Shui Frog)?

Just like gemstones, feng shui items such as the Chinese money frog have to be activated too. If not activated, it’s not but a statue and won’t offer any monetary benefits. 

The three-legged toad is usually made of metal. However, the more precious ones are made of Jade. No matter which one you have, it has to be activated first in the following ways. 

  1. You can buy a new red ribbon and tie it around the frog’s neck. 
  2. If not a ribbon, just keep the frog on the top of a new red paper. 

These are the two ways to activate the money frog at home. 

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Placing a Money Frog (Feng Shui Frog) at Home – Where Should a Feng Shui Frog Face? 

A Chinese money frog, also known as Chan Chu in China, can attract wealth only when it’s placed in the right manner. 

The Direction of the Money Frog Matters 

Also known as the Money toad or Fortune frog, the Chinese Money frog should be kept in the southeast corner of the living room (it’s the wealth corner of the house). Position it such that it faces inwards. Also, keep it close to the entrance, not exactly opposite to the entrance. 

The Proper Placement of the Money Frog is Crucial 

Always remember, never keep the Fortune frog on the ground. It’s considered to be very inauspicious and a disrespect to the God of coins. The three-legged toad should always be kept on top of a clean table or ledge

The Number of Frogs You Keep is Important 

Usually, keeping one frog is sufficient. However, Feng shui experts indicate that keeping 9 money frogs is extremely auspicious. It indicates that the frogs will attract and gulp wealth from every direction. 

To break it up, you can keep 1, 3, 6, or 9 three-legged feng shui toads at home. If you’re planning to keep a money frog at your office, it’s advised to keep one next to your work desk. 

If you’re keeping 9 money frogs, ensure that the frog close to the entrance is facing inside the house. 

Precautions to Keep in Mind When Keeping a Fortune Frog at Home 

  1. If you’re keeping the frog because you want to excel at your job, the North zone is better than the southeast corner.
  2. Make sure that if you have just one frog it doesn’t face outwards. If you have 3, 6, or 9, the one near the entrance should be facing inwards. 
  3. Never keep the money frog in the toilet, kitchen, or bedroom. 
  4. Always replace the feng shui frog with a new one if the old one breaks. Keeping a broken Money frog can cause huge financial losses. 
  5. Ensure that the area where you have kept the money frog is always clean and clutter-free. 
  6. Never ever place the money toad exactly opposite to the entrance. It would result in all the wealth and luck going outside the house and your life.

How to Find Out if the Chinese Money Frog (Feng Shui Frog) Symbolizes Wealth? 

When you buy a money frog, pay attention to the coin in its mouth. The correct frog to attract wealth and good luck will have either of the following two features. 

  1. The coin with a Ruby Symbol – If the coin has a ruby symbol in the center, make sure that the Ruby symbol is facing upwards.
  2. The coin with Chinese symbols and writings – If the coin has Chinese symbols and writings, make sure that the side with symbols is facing upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Chinese money frog?

A Chinese money frog is a symbol of wealth, long life, and immense luck. It is believed, in mythology, that the money frog is the wife of the planet Moon.

2. What are the other names for the Chinese money frog?

It is known as the Three-legged Toad and the Fortune Frog. Feng shui experts also call it the Feng Shui Frog, Chan Chu, Money Toad, and the Lucky Money Frog.

3. Where should a feng shui frog be placed?

A feng shui frog should be placed on the top of a table or a ledge. Also, the southeast corner of the living room is one of the best zones to keep the money frog.

4. How do you place a Chinese money frog to attract wealth?

It is always advised that the Chinese money frog should be placed in such a way that it points inwards. You can keep it close to the entrance in a way that it isn’t exactly opposite to the entrance door.

5. Is the frog good luck for the Chinese?

Yes. Frogs, in general, are considered to be the bringer of wealth, prosperity, good news, and luck.

6. How to activate the money frog?

You can activate your money frog by tying a red ribbon around its neck. You can also keep it on top of a neat red paper.

7. Where is the wealth corner in the house?

The southeast corner of the living room is considered to be the wealth corner of the house.

8. Which way should my money frog face?

It should face inwards when you have 1 money frog. If you have 9, the one close to the entrance should face inwards too.

9. Where in a room should you place the Chinese money frog?

Keep the money frog in the southeast corner of the living room for wealth and prosperity. Keep it in the North zone of the living room for success in your career.

10. What to do with a broken money frog?

Replace a broken money frog with a new one immediately. The broken feng shui frog can result in financial losses.

11. Where should I place the Chinese money frog at the office?

It’s advised to keep the Chinese money frog next to the work desk in the office.

12. How many Money frogs to keep at home?

You can keep 1, 3, 6, or 9 money frogs at home. Keeping 9, all facing in different directions, is usually the best option.

13. How to find the right Chinese money frog?

Pay attention to the coin inside the mouth of the money frog. If there is a Ruby symbol in the center, the Ruby symbol should point upwards. If the coin has symbols and writing, the symbols should face upwards.

14. What to avoid when keeping a Chinese money frog at home?

Make it a habit to never keep a Chinese frog in the toilet, kitchen, or bedroom. Also, don’t place it on the ground/floor. A Chinese money frog should never be placed exactly opposite the entrance door. Lastly, never keep the money frog in a messy cluttered place.