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Ruby Stone Benefits Decoded: Find Out Who Should not Wear a Ruby stone?

Ruby Stone Benefits Decoded: Find Out Who Should not Wear a Ruby stone?

There are 3 incomparable gemstones that are considered to be most precious in astrology. Sapphire and Emerald are two. The third, and the most important, one is the Ruby stone. The other word for Ruby in Sanskrit is Ratharaj (meaning, the King of all gemstones). Ruled by the mighty Sun and popularly known as July birthstone, there are many ruby benefits in astrology. 

If you’ve been thinking about wearing a gemstone as powerful as Ruby, it’s very important that you know how to wear the ruby stone. Find out all such facts and much more about the Ruby stone in this guide. Dive in! 

Overview of Ruby Stone – What is Ruby Stone in Hindi? 

The name Ruby has been derived from the Latin word, Ruber (it means blood red). It is known as Manik stone in Hindi. 

The astrological significance of Ruby isn’t new. Ancient civilizations had their own beliefs about this gemstone. 

  1. There’s a mention in Harita Smriti in Hinduism that a person who worships a pure energized ruby gemstone with Lord Sri Krishna is born as a rich powerful ruler in the next life. 
  2. Ancient armies in Burma believed that Ruby provided protection and victory in war. Hence, embedding Ruby inside the flesh was a very common practice between soldiers then. 
  3. According to a popular ancient legend, rubies were considered to be formed by a holy fire in heaven. 

The constant about this Sun’s gemstone that is believed to be true to date is that it is the gemstone of courage, success, and healing. 

3 Things to Know About Ruby Stone Before Wearing it

Because of its association with love, passion, healing, and success, everybody, nowadays, wants to wear Ruby. But, as a matter of fact, Ruby isn’t the right stone for everyone. 

Who Shouldn’t Wear a Ruby?

First off, if you’re going through a mahadasha of a planet other than the Sun, do not wear a ruby ring without consulting an astrologer first. The better thing to do is to wear the gemstone of the weak planet. 

Ruby stone, in general, is considered to be extremely dangerous and completely unsuitable for Taurus ascendants, Virgo ascendants, and Capricorn ascendants.  

However, if you’re a Pisces, Libra, and Gemini, Ruby may or may not work for you. It will entirely depend upon the position of different planets in your birth chart. So, for Libra ascendants, Pisces ascendants, and Gemini ascendants, only an astrologer can tell whether Ruby will be good or bad

Who Should Wear a Ruby? 

The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo. Hence, Leo ascendants should wear a ruby stone without second thoughts. People born in July can also benefit from wearing a Ruby. 

Other than Leo, Aries ascendants, Scorpio ascendants, and Sagittarius ascendants can also wear a Ruby gemstone for wealth and success. 

How to Wear a Ruby Stone? 

Now, this is a million-dollar question. Even if you’re the best candidate for wearing a Ruby, if you won’t energize the stone before wearing it or won’t follow the rules after wearing it, you’ll not be able to experience the benefits. 

  1. Buy a Pure Ruby Stone – The higher the clarity and carat value, the sooner you’ll see the benefits. Always remember to buy a ruby stone between 3 carats to 6 carats at least. 
  2. Choose the Right Day – Sunday is the ideal day. The better option, however, is a Sunday during the Shukla Paksha. Also, the best time is between 5-6 AM. 
  3. Choose the Right Metal – A ruby ring made in gold or silver is known to start showing its effects within 30 days of wearing. 
  4. Detoxify and Energize it – Dip the ruby ring in pure cow’s milk on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, clean the ring with Gangajal and keep it on top of new red-colored silk cloth. Burn 5 incense sticks to cleanse the air. Chant the Surya beej mantra while wearing the ring. 
  5. Choose the Correct Finger – Astrologers recommend wearing a Ruby ring on the ring finger of the right hand

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Precautions to Follow After Wearing a Ruby Stone

Ruby is a beneficial gemstone that can be worn every day. There are, however, certain astrological precautions that one needs to follow. 

  1. Chant the Gayatri mantra thrice 108 times after the first time you wear the ruby stone. 
  2. Clean the gemstone every day with Gangajal. Do not let any amount of dust settle on the stone. 
  3. Offer water to the Sun God daily at sunrise. 
  4. Donate Jaggery and food to hungry and needy people every Sunday. 

5 Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Stone 

When the Ruby ring is worn after proper energization, it keeps offering benefits for 4 years. The condition being, the stone in the ring should touch the skin of the native all the time.

It Brings Mental Stability 

Energized Manik stone ring activates the Navel Chakra. In astrology, navel chakra is associated with mental well-being. When it’s activated, it boosts the confidence of the natives, removes negativity, and treats depression. As a result, the natives become very peaceful. 

It Treats Various Health Conditions 

People with weak Sun usually suffer from heart diseases. Hence, wearing a Ruby is recommended because, according to medical astrology, Ruby reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiac arrest. 

  1. It is known to deal with stomach disorders and indigestion. 
  2. It cures eye disorders and blood disorders. 
  3. It is known to cure bone and joint disorders and Rheumatic diseases. 
  4. As we already mentioned, it treats mental illnesses like depression. 

It Brings Money and Success 

Ruby brings the blessings of the Sun. A person who has the reckoning force of Sun cannot be defeated by anybody. 

  1. The decision-making skills of these natives at work are better than everybody else’s. It gives them promotion opportunities. 
  2. These natives are very focused and goal-oriented. It gives them success opportunities as entrepreneurs too. 
  3. Students who wear the Ruby stone can clear government exams and also get scholarships in prestigious universities. 

It Offers Protection from Everything Evil 

Wearing a Ruby ring is no less than wearing a black thread in your leg. It does not just protect the natives from the evil eyes of malice planets, it also offers protection from black magic and Ill wishes of people who are jealous of the increase in name and fame of the natives. 

It Improves Personal Relationships 

Whether it’s your relationship with your parents and siblings or your relationship with your spouse, wearing a Ruby stone brings love, warmth, acceptance, and mutual understanding. 

3 Negative Effects of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

It Turns Riches to Rags 

If Sun is an enemy of your ruling planet, it will become enraged if you wear its birthstone. As a result of the wrath of the Sun, you might end up losing all your wealth and fortune. Many people have lost their money and gone into debt just because they wore the wrong gemstone. 

Always bear in mind, if you’re wearing an energized gemstone, it is already fueled by the energy of its ruling planet. Hence, if you want to wear a Ruby stone just because of its beauty, make sure you don’t energize it

It Clouds the Judgement 

The natives will feel confused and nervous all the time. Such people are bound to make silly decisions at work and at home. It does not just tarnish their reputation amongst colleagues, it also negatively affects their relationships with spouses and parents

It Makes the Natives Underconfident and Restless 

Enraged Sun can take away one of the biggest strengths of humans: their peace of mind. If natives who shouldn’t wear Ruby stone do end up wearing an energized one, they lose all the faith in their abilities. 

What is Ruby Stone Price? 

A pure Ruby is expensive. Finest-grade Burmese Ruby stone starts from 10k/carat to 1.20 lakh/carat. 

Cheaper versions that start from a few hundred rupees are fake rubies. They provide no astrological benefits at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a ruby stone?

Ruby stone is what you call Manik stone in Hindi. It is also the birthstone of people born in July. It is the stone of bravery and success.

2. Which is the ruby stone ruling planet?

The Sun (Surya Devta in Hinduism) is the ruling planet of Ruby gemstone. It is the planet of abundance and prosperity.

3. Who should wear a ruby stone?

Leo ascendants should wear ruby since the Sun is their ruling planet. Also, Aries ascendants, Scorpio ascendants, Sagittarius ascendants, and July-borns can wear a ruby stone.

4. Who shouldn’t wear a ruby stone?

Taurus ascendants, Virgo ascendants, and Capricorn ascendants should never wear an energized pure Ruby

5. Ruby effects in how many days?

It usually takes 30 days before Ruby stone can show its effects. The exact number of days, however, also depends upon the carat value, clarity, and purity of the stone.

6. Can ruby be worn on the index finger?

No. It should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

7. Can I wear a ruby on my middle finger?

No. the Astrological benefits of Ruby show their effects only when the stone touches the skin of the ring finger of the right hand.

8. On which finger should I wear a ruby gemstone?

The ring finger of the right hand is where Ruby offers benefits. Only left-handed people can wear it on the ring finger of the left hand if they want.

9. Can I wear ruby on my left-hand ring finger?

Not always. Astrologers suggest, if absolutely necessary, only those people who are left-handed can wear it on their left-hand ring finger.

10. Which hand should I wear a ruby stone?

The right hand is recommended for wearing the Ruby stone ring. The stone should always touch the skin.

11. What are the benefits of wearing ruby stone?

Wearing a Ruby stone brings career success. The natives get promotions and earn a lot of money. These people also make better decisions, are mentally and emotionally stable, and are very confident. Students can clear government exams and get entrance in any university they aim for.

12. What are the benefits of wearing ruby on ring finger?

It can cure health problems related to the heart and stomach. It also treats bone and joint diseases by the grace of the Sun God.

13. What happens when you wear a ruby stone?

It untaps the power of the Sun. As a result, the right natives are blessed with immense fortune and remain undefeated.

14. Can ruby stone be worn by anyone?

No. Only those people with a friendly Sun can wear Ruby stone. It’s always good Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aries and always bad for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

15. How to wear a ruby stone?

It is recommended to dip the ring in cow’s milk on Saturday night. The next morning, Sunday morning of Shukla Paksha, clean it with gangajal between 5-6 AM. Wear it while chanting the Surya beej mantra.

16. What precautions to follow after wearing a Ruby stone?

Keep the stone clean and offer water to the Sun every morning. Donating food on Sundays is also recommended.

17. What are the negative effects of wearing a ruby gemstone?

If Sun becomes enraged because of wearing the ruby stone, the natives might lose all their money and get burdened by debts. It might also make the natives underconfident and anxious.

18. Can you wear a ruby every day?

Yes. The blessings and the benefits will continue for 4 years from the day of energizing.

19. What is the Ruby stone price per carat?

The real Burmese Ruby starts from 10,000/carat to 1.20 lakh/carat.

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