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Mars Transit 2022: Effects of Mars Transit on all 12 Zodiac Signs

Mars Transit 2022: Effects of Mars Transit on all 12 Zodiac Signs

Mars represents action, vitality, and sexuality in your Kundali. It illuminates your desires as well as the methods, plans, and motivations for achieving them. Not only that, but in astrology, the way you express or deal with violence and wrath is also influenced by the planet Mars. It also has the ability to alter your personality’s vigour factor and, on rare occasions, bestow upon you a warrior-like spirit.

The zodiac signs of Aries and Scorpio are ruled by the planet Mars. It reaches its apogee in Capricorn, where it produces good consequences. On the other hand, its placement in the Cancer sign indicates that you will seek unfavourable circumstances and difficulties in your life. It’s also worth noting that the planet is amicable with the Sun and Moon, but harbours grudges with Ketu and Mercury in an individual’s Kundali.

Mars Transit 2022 Date and Time

The transit of Mars in any zodiac sign occurs after the planet has spent one and a half months in that sign. It has different effects depending on which house it is travelling to. Mars’ transit in 2022 will begin with the planet transiting the Sagittarius zodiac sign in mid-January and end with the planet transiting the Taurus zodiac sign in the second-to-last month of the year. Let’s have a look at the Mars Transit 2022 dates and times:

Planet of Transit – Mars

Transiting From

Transiting To





January 16, 2022

04:50 PM



February 26, 2022

04:08 PM



April 7, 2022

03:35 PM



May 17, 2022

09:52 AM



June 27, 2022

06:00 AM



August 10, 2022

09:32 PM



October 16, 2022

07:49 AM



November 13, 2022

07:40 PM

Let’s take a closer look at the consequences of Mars’s transit in 2022 on each of the 12 zodiac signs.

Mars Transit 2022 for Aries

During the transit of Mars in 2022, Mars, as the ruler of the Aries sign, will most likely bring you excellent fortune in your personal life. If you are truly prepared to take on and finish your obligations with ease, you may feel more energised and confident. According to the 2022 forecasts for the planet Mars transit, persons born under the sign of Aries who wish to try something new and unique have a better chance of succeeding. Professionally, you have a better chance of being noticed at work. According to the Mangal Gochar 2022 predictions, it is essential to seek professional advice before starting a new business or enterprise. The same might be said for your finances. Being guided by experts will allow you to think rationally about your financial priorities.

People in love may go to great lengths to impress their partners. Fulfilling your vows will undoubtedly improve your persona, yet your home life will most likely remain mediocre. You may have some hurdles if you raise your temperament with it. You are likely to love working out and staying in shape during the transit of planets in 2022. Mindfulness and other relaxation practises can assist you in controlling your rage. Those of you who intend to work on your diet plans for whatever reason will strive for success as well. During the transit of Mars in 2022, your overall health would be satisfactory.

Mars Transit 2022 for Taurus


For Taurus folks, Mars rules the 12th and seventh houses. With Mars transiting Taurus in 2022, you will experience a variety of highs and lows in your professional lives. Because health problems can occur, maintaining a well-balanced diet and engaging in moderately intense exercise on a regular basis is essential. Taurus locals must take special care of themselves during these times of climate change. You should also pay attention to your social standing. You will become very eager in life, but it is critical that you do not let your relationships with high-ranking officials to deteriorate as a result of disagreements that could be resolved simply by having simple dialogues.

During this planetary transit of planets in 2022, you must make a determined effort to regulate your rage and display patience while putting all of your efforts into the necessary objects and purposes, according to the 2022 Mars transit forecast. If you are involved in a legal dispute, try to avoid going to court as much as possible and instead arrange an out-of-court settlement to avoid future casualties and setbacks. Taurus natives may have disagreements with their wives, which may lead to family strife. Try to stay as far away from such circumstances as possible. Additionally, because to the Mangal Gochar in 2022, you may get fever and blood issues. As a result, take care of yourself throughout this time.

Mars Transit 2022 for Gemini


Mars is the ruler of the Gemini people’s 6th and 11th houses. And, with Mars transiting Gemini in 2022, you may expect to see rapid progress in practically every aspect of your life. However, these speedy discoveries will raise your hopes and expectations for the results, which may not be in your favour in the Mars Transit 2022. Your behaviours, thoughts, and objectives will not be in sync, which will anger and irritate you in both your personal and professional lives. As a result, your expectation may erupt on the incorrect target at the wrong time, giving you troubles in the long run. The Mars transit horoscope 2022 recommends avoiding topics that could cause you to become enraged as much as possible.

You should pay careful attention to your health as this planetary transit in Vedic astrology approaches. Because the stars indicate that you may have a rise in health concerns, you should undergo frequent health exams. There’s a good chance you’ll have a jump in blood pressure, severe headaches, and other symptoms, all of which could drastically worsen your health. Furthermore, according to the Mars transit 2022 forecasts, if you have been hoping for a raise or promotion in your profession, you may have a higher chance. Your marriage life, on the other hand, is likely to have peaks and troughs. As a result, if you want to have a happy marriage, you must be patient and calm.

Mars Transit 2022 for Cancer



For Cancerians, Mars rules the fifth and tenth houses. With Mars transiting Cancer in 2022, you will generally prosper financially and professionally. However, you should refrain from initiating new initiatives or making significant purchases at this time. You must also be mindful of adversaries who may try to ruin your reputation or obstruct your progress. Instead of focusing on what they are planned or conspiring against you, try to concentrate on your performance. In terms of money, the transit of planets in 2022 will provide you with numerous income-generating prospects, albeit at a slow and congested pace. But, at the end of the day, you will be satisfied with your financial situation.

Married couples may also experience misunderstandings in their personal lives as a result of the Mars transit in 2022. It could be because of your aggressive demeanour and your proclivity for marital trouble. It is a health-conscious period, so drive and walk carefully on the road. You may have an accident during this time, so avoid risky endeavours and be cautious.

Mars Transit 2022 for Leo

For Leos, Mars is the ruler of the 4th and 9th houses. This season will be beneficial to you because it will herald in new beginnings in your life. There’s a chance you’ll run into some old friends, and existing programmes may need to be modified. You will be assisting in the enhancement of your current connections. The transit of Mars in 2022 may not be the ideal moment to make significant changes in your personal or professional life. On the other hand, it is a good idea to keep your fury and dominance under control.

According to the Mars transit forecasts for 2022, you may experience mild to severe headaches and insomnia. The cause could be any number of different aspects of your life that are enduring stressful situations in some way. It’s possible that you won’t be able to utilise reasoning or make inferences. As a result, it is advisable to wait until the transit of Mars in 2022. It is possible to amass wealth as well as have fun with friends. On the other hand, personal life may appear to be disrupted for a period of time. Your self-assurance and commitment to achieving your goal will grow stronger. If any work had been left unfinished or if you had spotted some unutilized assets for a long time, you might be able to successfully finish your project and get acclimated to and manage resources.

Mars Transit 2022 for Virgo

For those born under the sign of Virgo, Mars rules the 3rd and 8th houses. Virgo is a dualistic Earth zodiac sign controlled by Mercury, which is in a constant battle with Mars. As a result, the Mars Transit in Virgo in 2022 will not bring the natives a lot of good fortune. Mercury is a zodiac sign that signifies intelligence and understanding, whereas Mars represents armaments. As a result, a combination of both planets will provide you the ability to execute chores and projects with precision and craziness. It will prepare you for careers in medicine, nursing, and surgery. Additionally, Mars’ transit through Virgo in 2022 will greatly increase your sexual cravings. However, during this planetary transit in Vedic astrology, you may experience challenges in your relationships with family and friends.

Allowing your internal energy to squander by getting involved in arguments and fights is not a good idea, according to the Mars transit in 2022. You must be vigilant since your competitors may attempt to harm you. On the plus side, your hard work will be rewarded with good fortune during the 2022 planet transit time. Financially, your expenses may climb, and you may be obliged to spend money on items you don’t require. Married couples may develop misconceptions as a result of the assertive style, resulting in dissatisfaction in their lives. If you want to take your relationship with your spouse to the next level, now might be the moment. According to the transit of Mars in 2022, it may be an accident-prone timeframe in terms of health, so be cautious when walking and avoid risky activities.

Mars Transit 2022 for Libra

Mars is the lord of the second and seventh houses for persons born under the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus and is a variable zodiac sign. Venus and Mars have a symbiotic relationship. Despite the fact that Mars is a male planet and Venus is a female one, their energies complement each other to form a balanced personality. People born under the sign of Libra in the year 2022 will be charming, gentle, and courteous. You’d also become exceedingly forgiving, eventually keeping a balanced attitude toward everyone. However, if you are poked or triggered in the wrong place or on the wrong topic, you will become violent and hostile in a matter of minutes, according to the Mars transit 2022 forecasts.

With the Mangal Gochar in 2022, your interactions with coworkers and superiors may become a little tense, so avoid getting into any confrontations with anyone. Also, in any way you can, attempt to create a friendly relationship with them. In the event of a job change, you may need to adjust your objectives. If an opportunity arises, you must thoroughly analyse it and make an informed decision. You’d become more cheery and vivacious at work. Any organisational slackening could work against you and your career goals. It’s possible that you’ll have to cope with previous or ongoing health difficulties. Libra residents who had previously planned to marry will find it difficult to achieve their objectives. You must make a sincere attempt to attract your partner.

Mars Transit 2022 for Scorpio

The planet Mars oversees the first and sixth houses in Scorpions’ horoscopes. It’s where Mars feels most at ease, though not as much as it does in Aries. Mars transiting the Scorpio zodiac sign in 2022 will make you strong and disciplined. You might be able to rely on your own efforts to succeed. When given the opportunity, though, you will not waste any time in relying on others. You will always be aware of the wrongs you have been subjected to as a result of it. You’d be hard-pressed to forget a deception with the effect of Mars’ passage in 2022. They may have a proclivity for going to extremes. Those in your immediate vicinity regard you as either their closest friend or their greatest opponent, with nothing in between. You must also have a firm mindset and make decisions based on assumptions, leaving no room for regret or mercy.

With the Mangal Gochar 2022, you’ll have to make quick decisions based on gut instincts that could backfire. However, you must remember that during this planetary transit in 2022, respect and modesty will be the only keys to success. You will achieve positive results only once you have established command of your speech. Anger and a hard attitude could completely ruin the relationship’s delicate nature. This will be a financially difficult period for you as well. According to the Mars transit 2022 forecasts, there may be some economic damage, and you may have problems getting a loan. Learners may believe that their academic progress is being hampered. Those that are employed will face challenges, and their growth will be slow.

Mars Transit 2022 for Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, Mars rules the twelfth and fifth houses. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is a double fire sign. Planet Mars’s position in the sign of Sagittarius would be advantageous to you because Jupiter and Mars are friendly. Jupiter is linked to love, wealth, and development, whereas Mars is linked to aspiration and zeal. Jupiter counteracts Mars’s negative influence by enhancing mental strength and intelligence in the area. All of your doubts should be readily resolved with the support of your coworkers, according to the Mangal Gochar predictions for 2022. As the transit period of planets in Vedic astrology progresses, your new endeavours will be fruitful. As a result, maintaining an upbeat attitude is essential for achieving success in your field.

2022 A Mars transit in your horoscope may also help you manage your work better. Some of the decisions you make at this time may benefit your business prospects. Right now, your ability to perceive the big picture and plan ahead would improve. Because Mars has an influence on you, the transit period of 2022 would be the optimum time to develop a long-term budgetary and economic plan. During this time, you will be more drawn to your home and comparable events. On rare situations, someone’s unusual behaviour may ruin your happiness. However, focusing your thoughts and being crystal clear about what you want in a relationship will be really advantageous.

Mars Transit 2022 for Capricorn

Mars is the ruler of Capricorn’s fourth and eleventh houses. Mars is exalted in the constellation Capricorn. However, when it comes to the effects of Mars in Capricorn, things may not appear so good. The reason for this is that Mars and Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, have a contentious relationship. Because Mars is full of energy and Saturn is full of hurdles, the person suffering from tremendous incapacity must work hard to direct their energy in the right direction. The residents have a reputation for being nasty, uncaring, and aggressive. Your relationship with your coworkers and seniors may remain routine during the transit of Mars in 2022. It is not advisable to change employment at this time since you may not receive aid from coworkers or superiors.

When dealing with professional issues, you may need to change your communication style and recommendations to adopt a more pragmatic approach. It’s possible that you’ll need to focus on your rage and hasty replies as well. Those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign who aspire to marry must practise patience and make a concerted effort to achieve their objectives. Couples may have minor concerns that cause them to argue. As a result, it’s important that you take care of your romantic life. In terms of health, an old problem could resurface during this planetary transit in 2022; so, be cautious.

Mars Transit 2022 for Aquarius

Aquarius natives’ 3rd and 10th houses are ruled by Mars. Aquarius, as a fixed and airy sign, is ruled by Saturn, who despises Mars and has a long history of animosity with it. People born under the sign of Aquarius place a strong focus on the philosophical side of life. Your management will be powerful, and your approaches will be calculated and logical. As a result, with Mars transiting Aquarius in 2022, it’s possible that you won’t have a favourable conclusion. Your fiery personality could wreak havoc on your personal relationships as well as your social circle. Your impulsiveness and aggressive demeanour, according to Mars transit forecasts 2022, may create barriers in your hard efforts to achieve your goals.

You must not attempt to change or start any new initiatives during the planetary transit period of 2022. You must be cautious since your adversary may attempt to harm you. A steady stream of funds would be available, albeit at a slow and inconvenient pace. You might have a strong desire for something luxurious and exotic. Husbands and wives may create misunderstandings as a result of the aggressive approach, resulting in spousal conflict. It is critical that you look after your health because there is a risk of consumption, colic discomfort, bile, or acid reflux.

Mars Transit 2022 for Pisces

For the zodiac sign Pisces, Mars rules the second and ninth houses. Planet Mars transit 2022 in Pisces zodiac sign, which is ruled by Jupiter, brings several benefits to the residents. In your life, you will see that you have a strong spiritual bent. You would place a high priority on morals and good behaviour, as well as encouraging people to follow a religious path. You will have a strong desire to travel and live in various countries as Mars transits in 2022. You’ll have a positive outlook on life, especially when it comes to love. And, with Mangal Gochar in 2022, you should be prepared to deal with unpleasant situations at work as well as in your personal life, as there’s a good chance you’ll have to make some difficult decisions that are generally delicate or private in nature.

If your decisions and actions have a substantial impact on the lives of your coworkers or colleagues, you should exercise caution and seek second viewpoints before acting. It’s possible that you’ll receive financial assistance from an unexpected source. Mars is, in essence, a ferocious and interfering planet. As a result, it’s also known to have an impact on human energy flow. Mars’ transit over Pisces in 2022 appears to be the best time to complete unfinished work, such as resolving unresolved legal problems. So, rather than squandering the fuel you’ve been given, the Mars transit horoscope for 2022 suggests that you put it to good use.

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