A yantra is an astrological tool that puts an end to all griefs and sorrows.

The Sanskrit meaning of Yan is tool and Tra in Sanskrit means the end of miseries. According to Vedic astrology, God himself designed and blessed humans with yantras. There are 56 yantras in total. Each yantra is dedicated to Gods and Planets. So, worshiping an energized yantra is known to please the ruling deity of that specific yantra.

The Significance of a Yantra

Every person is born with a Kundli. The condition of planets during the time of birth determines a lot about the life of the natives. Sometimes, a person is born with many doshas. In such cases, expert astrologers suggest worshipping the energized yantra of the planet that’s causing a disturbance in life.

To put it simply, a yantra is a significant tool in removing the malice of planets and seeking the blessings of Gods.

The Most Important Yantras in Astrology

Whilst there are 56, some are more important than others. The Sri Yantra is the most important Hindu Yantra. Astrologers believe that this yantra has the meaning of the entire universe in itself. The next most important yantras are those of the 9 planets – The Rahu Yantra, the Brihaspati (Jupiter) Yantra, the Mangal (Mars) Yantra, the Ketu Yantra, the Shani (Saturn) Yantra, the Surya (Sun) Yantra, the Budh (Mercury) Yantra, the Shukra (Venus) Yantra, and the Chandra (Moon) Yantra. The Lakshmi-Kuber yantra is also a very significant yantra. It is worshipped for wealth, luck, and fortune. The Saraswati Yantra is for knowledge and is preferred in houses with school-going children. Last is the MahamrityunJaya Yantra that’s worshipped for long life.

How to Energize a Yantra?

A yantra has to be energized to activate its benefits. Astrologers suggest keeping the yantra on a flat surface, facing the direction of the ruling deity (planet/god). Use gangajal to clean the yantra and recite the mantra of the ruling deity (for example, Rahu beej mantra for the Rahu Yantra) 108 times. Light an incense stick while chanting the mantra.

It is always advised to choose the day of the planet/god to energize the Yantra. For instance, a Shani yantra should be energized on a Saturday, a Mangal yantra should be energized on a Tuesday, and so on.

The Astrological Benefits of a Yantra

A yantra, as already mentioned, is a tool to end miseries. An energized yantra has many spiritual and astrological benefits. Worshiping a Mahalakshmi yantra, a Kuber yantra, or a Lakshmi-Kuber yantra blesses the natives with wealth and fortune. Yantras like the Sri Yantra offer protection from black magic and evil eyes of planets and neighbors. It is also believed that meditating in front of an energized mahamrityunjaya yantra protects the members of the family from untimely death and accidents. Yantras are also believed to have magical healing powers to cure the sick. It’s an age-old knowledge from the Vedas that energized yantras can remove Vastu dosh, restore mental peace in the life of the natives, and remove negativity from the surroundings. Last, yantras like Shani Yantra and Mangal yantra bring peace and harmony in married life and bless childless couples with children.

Things to Keep in Mind When Worshipping a Yantra

A yantra is a tool that can connect you with God. Hence, there are certain things that should be kept in mind when worshipping a yantra. Don’t ever touch a yantra after consuming alcohol or eating non-vegetarian food. It is also advised to purify the yantra again if it falls from its place of hanging. Always bear in mind, do not ever keep a yantra near your feet. It’s considered to be a huge disrespect to gods and planets.


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