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Meanest to Nicest Zodiac Sign Ranked in order- Find Out the nicest zodiac sign

Meanest to Nicest Zodiac Sign Ranked in order- Find Out the nicest zodiac sign

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Most people are put off and pissed when they’re triggered. Sadly, there are some who do not require a trigger at all, or very little of it. Planets have the greatest influence in determining what your triggers are according to your zodiac sign. So, if someone is being very mean or very nice, it could mean that that’s the personality of the zodiac sign of that person. In this guide, we have specifically rank meanest to nicest zodiac signs in order, and know which is the nicest zodiac sign.

Have a look and find out what astrology has to say about every zodiac sign!

Meanest to Nicest Zodiac Signs List – Defining Traits of All Zodiac Signs! 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign – The Undisputed Kings of Being Mean 

The Scorpio zodiac sign has the force and aggression of Mars. These people will eat you raw and won’t even burp. 

Slight fun poked at Scorpio-borns brings out their mean side in no time. Anger is one thing and can be controlled, but these people have a temper, that too, a very bad one. They’re not only judgmental, they’re bossy and arrogant too. Once they’ve made an opinion about you, they just won’t change it. 

No matter if you’re very nice to them after they’re started disliking you, they’ll still be mean. The bottom line is, you can’t get in the good books of a Scorpio once you’ve been in his/her bad books

Cancer Zodiac Sign – Masters of Dramatic Stubbornness 

The meanest side of Cancer-borns is a result of their stubbornness. They’re no less than Scorpio-borns when it comes to losing their temper. It’s hard to say which of these two zodiac signs is the meanest since they have similar triggers: they can’t handle even a bit of fun poked at them

Cancer-borns expect people to like them, except they have serious attitude problems. As long as they like you, they’ll love you. The moment you cross them, they’re pure evil. 

Leo Zodiac Sign – The Undeniable Rulers of The Worst Temper 

The Sun bestows them with a charismatic personality. But, what it also does is give Leo-borns a very bad temper. 

When a Leo zodiac person explodes, the only thing you can do is walk away from them as quickly as you can. Undeniably helpful and brave, the temper of Leo-borns is their doom. 

  1. They’re extremely mean when they’re angry. The only thing being, they get too angry too quickly. 
  2. Their mean side rules the majority of their personality, hiding the generosity they have. 

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – The Peace Busters 

A Sagittarius seeking revenge can and will ruin your peace of mind. These people can adopt all kinds of sly means to punish those they think are guilty. A Sagittarius can go psycho when angry. These people have a very bad attitude and they’re extremely judgemental

If they like you, they’ll keep you safe no matter what. If they have developed a dislike for you, they’ll be mean and rude whenever they get a chance. 

A Sagittarius has the making of a villain. Don’t ever badmouth these people. They don’t take things lightly when they get defensive. 

Aries Zodiac Sign – Sufferers of Uncontrollable Anger Issues 

Aries-borns don’t mean to be rude or evil, but they are. Their cruelty knows no bounds when they’re angered. It’s hard to be around them even though they can be very sweet if they want to. 

No matter if you’re their family or their friend, they’ll still hurl canons of insult at you when they’re angry. Now, when they’re so mean to people they love, you can imagine how mean they can be to strangers and to people they don’t like. 

Gemini Zodiac Sign – The Shady Predators 

It’s not for nothing that their sign has always been twins! Geminis are not what they seem on the surface: they are sweet on the surface but mean and shady on the inside. 

The only reason that these people are not a lost cause is that they do not mean harm to everybody. 

Gemini-borns don’t lose their temper often. Hence, they’re not the straightforward kind of rude people. It makes them all the more dangerous. Since they are calculative, if they hate you, it means their hatred is a conscious decision. Needless to say, Gemini-borns are extremely dangerous. 

Virgo Zodiac Sign and Capricorn Zodiac Sign – The Rulers of Unpredictable Temper 

Virgos and Capricorns are fickle-minded. At the same time, they’re arrogant and egoistic. It’s a terrible terrible combination since it doesn’t just make them mean, but it also makes them dangerous. 

The silver lining for Virgos and Capricorns is they’re mean to selective people only. If you’re their friend, they’ll forgive you all the time. For others, these people can be a nightmare. 

Taurus Zodiac Sign – Harmless Souls With the Most Loving Hearts

Taurus-borns aren’t mean at all. They’re gentle souls. They fall in love way too quickly and they’re even quicker to trust. However, they’re the most intuitive zodiac sign as well. 

Sweet and kind? Yes. Foolish and naive? No! When emotionally hurt or cheated upon, Taurus-borns do have the capacity to teach others a lesson. They avoid fights but they’re not scared to fight bullies to defend their honor and that of their loved ones. 

Pisces Zodiac Sign – The Crowned Kings of a Straightforward Loving Hearts 

They’re accused of being mean and rude, but they’re not. Pisces-borns are practical and straightforward people. They don’t sugarcoat things. That gives them the false image of being mean. 

Truth be told, they don’t mean harm and neither do they take offense easily. For them to be mean to you, you have to be pure evil!

Aquarius Zodiac Sign – The Torchbearers of Kindness and Peace 

Aquarius-borns are very kind and soft-hearted people. If they’re being nice to you, it doesn’t mean they have a hidden secret motive. They’re organically nice. Not only are these people forgiving, but they also do not hold grudges. If you mean an apology, they will accept it. 

Aquarius-borns are allergic to arguments and fights. If they’re after your life, it means you’ve done something horrible to them or their loved ones. 

Libra Zodiac Sign – Undisputed Rulers of Nicety 

The Libra zodiac sign lives to deliver justice. Libra-borns aren’t just unbiased, they’re also kind, forgiving, and generous. Libra-borns are forgiving. But, make no mistake, they’re no fools. They have a very strong intuition. They can sense and smell selfishness from miles away

They choose to walk away from mean people instead of starting an argument. They know better than engaging in an argument with fools!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which zodiac sign is the meanest?

Scorpio and Cancer are undeniably equally mean. The worst thing is that they can be mean to their friends as well.

2. Which zodiac sign is stubborn?

The Cancer zodiac sign can put everybody to shame when it comes to being stubborn.

3. Which zodiac sign has the worst temper?

Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn zodiac signs have the worst temper since they cannot control their anger.

4. Which zodiac signs are most evil?

Cancer and Aries are the two zodiac signs that are purely evil when they seek vengeance.

5. Which zodiac sign has anger issues?

Scorpio, Leo, and Aries are the zodiac signs with some serious anger issues.

6. What zodiac sign has the worst attitude?

Cancer and Sagittarius zodiac signs have serious attitude problems. Hence, even their friends dislike them and avoid them many times.

7. Which zodiac signs are more dangerous?

Gemini and cancer are the two most dangerous zodiac signs you don’t want to be enemies with.

8. Which zodiac signs will ruin your life?

Sagittarius is the one zodiac sign that has the ability to ruin and destroy the lives of people they dislike.

9. Which zodiac sign is the kindest?

Aquarius and Libra zodiac signs have the kindest hearts. They’re the most forgiving and least violent people on earth.

10. Which zodiac sign is nicest?

Pisces and Taurus zodiac signs are extremely nice. They make everybody feel welcome. You’ll never see them start a fight or create trouble.