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Pisces Man – Complete Personality Traits Decoded: Find Out How Does a Pisces Man Test You

Pisces Man – Complete Personality Traits Decoded: Find Out How Does a Pisces Man Test You

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Pisces zodiac sign is a water element. Ruled by Jupiter, according to Vedic astrology, and Neptune, according to modern astrology, a Pisces-born individual is spontaneous and hardcore romantic. A Pisces man, especially, is the loyal kind. Having said that, he’s a tough nut to crack! Want to figure out if a Pisces man likes you? If yes, we have made this guide that lists the many Pisces man traits, both positive and negative, to help you understand if he’s your type. Dive in for more information!

5 Pisces Man Personality Secrets You Should Know Before Dating Him

Don’t let the shyness and patience of a Pisces man fool you. He can be his own sort of danger when triggered! 

Looks and Nature of a Pisces Man: What are Pisces Man Traits?

A Pisces man is no less than a Greek God. He’s somehow, always, the tallest and the strongest man in every room. He usually has gorgeous olive-gold to medium-brown tanned skin. The athletic refined body of this man demonstrates his knack for adventure. 

  1. He’s shy but mischievous A Pisces man knows his strengths. He’s just the right amount of shy and his eyes are full of mischief at the same time. We won’t call him a flirt, but he knows the art of seduction pretty well. 
  2. He has a crackling sense of Humor Women always surround him not just because of his looks, but also because he can and will crack you up every time he opens his mouth.
  3. He isn’t the kind you can tame If you want a puppy who you can tame, he’s not the man you should date. He’s a wild lion and a perfect predator. Date him if only you can handle his spontaneity. 
  4. He doesn’t have Commitment phobia Hell, yes, ladies! Men like him still exist. Bear in mind, if a Pisces man loves you, he won’t back down from commitment of any sort. 
  5. He has a no-nonsense attitude He’s patient but don’t test him with foolishness. He doesn’t like to be dictated or dominated. He isn’t the man to send out mixed signals to. It will drive him away from you. 
  6. He’s wise and generous A Pisces man is very kind. He always sticks up for the weak. He never backs down from helping people, even strangers. 
  7. He’s patient but not a fool He’s ruled by the wisdom of Jupiter. It makes him patient but he doesn’t like to be used or fooled. A Pisces man is very intuitive. It requires a very rare talent to actually deceive this man. 
  8. He’s always watchful and careful A Pisces man is very aware of his surroundings. He never leaves anything to chance. 
  9. He’s extremely possessive This is the hard part of dating a Pisces man. Possessiveness and jealousy rule him. He’s, however, not a psycho who’d stalk you, but it won’t be easy to make him trust you either. 
  10. He’s a raunchy passionate lover A Pisces man in bed is full of passion and boldness. He’s a hopeless romantic too. That’s also one reason that he gets way too jealous way too quickly. 
  11. He’s judgemental That’s the sad part! He’ll judge you on countless occasions and it’s extremely hard to change his perception once he has made up his mind. 

The Love Life of a Pisces Man: How is a Pisces Man in a Relationship? 

The love life of a Pisces Man is spontaneous and magical, just like his personality. He comes with a lot of chaos, though. 

Dating a Pisces man is like taking a rollercoaster ride. He is adventurous and expects his partner to maintain the same kind of thrill as he does. If a Pisces man won’t find you exciting, he will move on and get over you very quickly. 

That being said, this man, when he falls in love, he’s head over heels in awe of his partner. He’d cross seven oceans to keep you safe. This madness, though, comes with a disclaimer: Don’t ever try to get him jealous. If he starts doubting you once, it will be very hard to pluck it out of his mind. 

A possessive and jealous Pisces man will pick frequent fights with your male friends that can leave you red-faced. So, the best way to date him is to not give him reasons to doubt your loyalty.  

The Sexuality of a Pisces Man: How is a Pisces Man in Bed? 

A Pisces man expresses love, romance, anger, and care through sex. He’s a very intense lover. He can be gentle as well as rough, it will all depend upon your likes and his mood! 

When upset and jealous, a Pisces man pours out all his aggression through sex. Don’t expect him to be gentle when he’s angry. Having said that, he’ll make sure that you enjoy even his ruthlessness!

Pisces Man Married Life: Is a Pisces Man a Loyal Husband? 

It’s very rare that the marriage of a Pisces Man will ever fail. That’s because, despite being romantic, he doesn’t marry in haste. The best thing about a Pisces man is that he’s not a mama’s boy

  1. He values the feelings of his wife more than anything else in the world. 
  2. He keeps his wife like a queen and is a very loyal husband
  3. He can be dominating in marriage since he has an uncontrollable urge to protect his family and he trusts his judgment more than anything else in the world. 

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Pisces Man Likes and Dislikes in Women: What Attracts a Pisces Man? 

Want to know how to make a Pisces Man fall in love with you? If yes, you need to understand what a Pisces man likes and dislikes in a woman. 

  1. A Pisces man Likes Mysterious Women – He’s the man who is attracted towards things he can’t understand. It’s the same when it comes to dating. As strange as it might sound, he likes women who are a bit dramatic. 
  2. A Pisces man likes a bit of sass and attitude – He likes to chase after the lady he’s attracted to. If you drop your guard on the first date, he’ll lose interest very quickly. Sass and attitude are the traits that keep him hooked. 
  3. A Pisces man likes spontaneity – He’s not dull and he repels people who are dull. If you are somebody who likes to do things after planning them, he’s not your soulmate. 
  4. A Pisces man dislikes dominating bossy women – He loves attitude and Sass, but as we said, in a limit. If you’re someone who won’t give in or try to mould his opinions, it will make him anxious. 
  5. A Pisces man dislikes women who send out mixed signals – Do not ever send out mixed signals. A Pisces man can easily get confused. If he feels you might not be interested in him, he’ll quickly move away. 

Bear in mind, adventure is one of the most dominating Pisces man traits that govern his personality. So, if you aren’t adventurous and your idea of a holiday is spending the day on a couch, he’s not the man you should ever date. 

2 Signs that a Pisces Man Likes You: How does a Pisces Man Test You?

A Pisces man doesn’t enter a relationship with the intention to have a one-night stand or a passing fling. Hence, he subtly tests the woman he likes so that he can be sure that she’s the one.

He’ll Be Everywhere 

A Pisces man falling in love guards his partner fiercely. So, no matter whether or not he has expressed his feelings yet, if he likes you, he will always be around. So, if you find him everywhere you go, trust us, it’s not a coincidence. He’s trying to guard you from a safe distance. 

He’ll Introduce You To His Friends 

It sounds odd why a person testing you will introduce you to his friends. But, a Pisces man wants his close ones to approve of you. So, don’t be surprised if he invites you over to a friend’s party on the unofficial first date instead of taking you out for a private dinner. 

Birds Eye View of Pisces Man Characteristics 

Pisces Man Compatibility Zodiac Signs 

He’s a headstrong passionate lover who cannot be tamed or overruled. It’s not in his blood to be dominated or trolled. Hence, he’s not an ideal mate for every woman. Only if you’re any one of the following ladies that you’re his soulmate. 

  1. Pisces man Scorpio woman – These two fall in love very quickly. Their emotional bonding is extremely strong and they’re crazy about each other. She knows how not to hurt his pride and he knows how to keep up with her moods.
  2. Pisces man Cancer woman – A Pisces man can easily fall in love at first sight with a cancer woman. She’s mysterious, sassy, adventurous, and funny. These two are soulmates. A Pisces man and a cancer woman marriage is always on the cards when these two start dating. 
  3. Pisces man and Taurus woman – A Pisces man gets stuck on a Taurus woman like a magnet. The sexual tension between them can be the talk of the town. These two are inseparable when they fall in love.
  4. Pisces man and Libra woman – A Pisces Man and Libra woman heal each other. They are a perfect pair and they’re sexually attracted towards each other, but the bond they share is emotional. The initial phase is tough. But, if they overcome it, they mostly end up marrying each other. 

Pisces Man Career and Money: Are Pisces Men Rich? 

A Pisces man is artistic and creative. The best careers for him include music, acting, songwriting, business, and architecture. When in the right fields, there’s no stopping these men. You can take the example of the following rich Pisces men.

  1. Actor, Daniel Craig.
  2. Singer, Justin Bieber. 
  3. Entrepreneur, Steve Jobs.
  4. Singer and songwriter, Chris Martin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Pisces Man traits in love?

A Pisces man in love can get jealous and possessive. However, he’s not a psycho. These men are also extremely romantic and they do not have commitment phobia either.

2. What are Pisces Man positive traits?

A Pisces man is very caring and protective of the people he loves. He’s someone who always helps other people. Also, a Pisces man is extremely patient and funny.

3. What are Pisces Man negative traits?

A Pisces man gets bored very easily and is judgemental. He can be very dominating and it’s extremely hard to change his perception of people.

4. What is a Pisces Man personality like?

A Pisces man is patient and very intuitive. He has a no-nonsense attitude. It’s not easy to fool this man. Also, he’s always aware of his surroundings.

5. How is a Pisces Man in love?

A Pisces man in love can be very shy but mischievous. He likes to pamper his partner and is always looking forward to finding adventurous activities. However, as we said, he can get jealous in love.

6. How is a Pisces Man in bed?

He’s unbearably raunchy and bold. A Pisces man expresses his emotions in a relationship through sex. Hence, he can be both gentle and rough.

7. What does a Pisces Man like in women?

A Pisces man yearns for mysterious women who have a bit of sass and attitude. He also enjoys the company of women who are spontaneous, wild, and adventurous.

8. What does a Pisces man dislike in women?

He doesn’t like women who send out mixed signals since it confuses him. He doesn’t like to date women who do not seek thrill. Also, he repels women who are dominating and bossy.

9. How does a Pisces Man test you?

He will introduce you to his kith and kin to find out what they feel about you. He will also observe your nature carefully before dating you.

10. How to make a Pisces Man fall in love with you?

Do not try to dominate or tame him if you want to attract him. Also, don’t drop your guard. Let him unfurl your mood and personality on his own.

11. Which sign should a Pisces Man marry?

Pisces man easily falls in love at first sign with cancer women. Pisces men are also equally attracted to Scorpio women, Taurus women, and Libra women.

12. Why are Pisces attracted to cancer?

A cancer woman has all the traits that attract a Pisces man. She has a bit of drama and sass in her. She’s mysterious. Plus, she’s adventurous and tackles the jealous side of a Pisces man easily.

13. Is a Pisces Man a loyal husband?

Yes. Also, a Pisces man is not a mama’s boy and he keeps the wishes of his wife ahead and above everything and everyone else.

14. What are good careers for a Pisces Man?

A Pisces man is creative and loves to build things. Hence, he can flare pretty well in singing, songwriting, and acting. These men can also be successful architects and CEOs.

15. Are Pisces men rich?

When they’re focused on achieving wealth and fame, there’s no stopping them. They’re indeed rich.