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Rose Quartz Benefits in Astrology: Find Out Everything about the Healing Power of the Love Stone!

Rose Quartz Benefits in Astrology: Find Out Everything about the Healing Power of the Love Stone!

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Rose quartz is ruled by Venus. It signifies love, romance, and passion. Explore all rose quartz benefits in this guide!

Gemstones have practically been used since the ancient times of Vedas. Their purpose in Vedic astrology is often associated with spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. It’s an open secret in astrology that gemstones are also used to please and strengthen specific planets. Today, in this guide, we will be exploring the fascinating world of the mesmerizing, Rose Quartz stone. Dive in to find out the benefits of wearing rose quartz and much more! 

Overview of the Rose Quartz Stone – Which is the Planet for Rose Quartz? 

Rose quartz stone has a delicate dewy pink color that can range from pale pink to the brilliant pink of roses. Hence, the name ‘Rose Quartz’. 

Popularly known as the Love Stone and the Heart stone, Rose Quartz is ruled by Venus, the feminine planet of love, romance, passion, and tenderness. 

  1. Ancient Egyptians believed that rose quartz stone was an elixir of youth. 
  2. Rose quartz got its name, the love stone in the Middle Ages when auld folks started associating it with emotional healing. 
  3. Ancient Romans associated the rose quartz gemstone as a mark of ownership. 

Mothers used to pass a pure rose quartz crystal to their newborns since, across many cultures, in medieval times, it was believed that the spirits used the emotional stabilization power of Rose quartz to adapt to the material world

5 Astrological Benefits of Wearing Rose Quartz Stone

Rose quartz is the birthstone of the Taurus Zodiac sign. Besides, it’s one of the rare stones that is associated with more than one Chakra in the human body: the Heart Chakra and the Thymus Chakra. 

It Offers Spiritual and Emotional Healing 

Rose quartz can be used as a meditation crystal. It is believed that rose quartz removes negativity and helps the natives overcome childhood traumas. 

  1. It is known to activate the heart chakra. Speaking in terms of spiritual healing, the heart chakra helps the natives find compassion, peace, and forgiveness. 
  2. It is also believed that the rose quartz stone erases the feeling of guilt and fear. It helps the natives accept their past.

Also known as bohemian Ruby, the rose quartz stone is known to be a balm for people grieving the death of a loved one

It Boosts the Self-Esteem and Confidence 

It is believed that wearing a rose quartz stone can dissolve fears and phobias. It inculcates leadership qualities and the natives feel at ease. Wearing a rose quartz ring can help the natives in the following ways. 

  1. It improves communication skills. 
  2. The natives are able to express themselves freely without any fear. 
  3. It dissipates the fear of judgment so that nothing can hold the natives back from making their own choices.

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It Offers a Significant Number of Health Benefits 

According to medical astrology, rose quartz crystal offers many mental and physical health benefits. 

  1. It cures mental disorders – It is believed that the cleansing aura of rose quartz induces positivity. It removes negative thoughts. As a result, the wearer feels much more optimistic. Overall, it is beneficial to treat depression and anxiety and can also overcome insomnia
  2. It promotes cardiovascular health – Rose quartz opens the heart chakra. According to medical astrology, it strengthens heart muscles that reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiac arrest
  3. It can treat breathing disorders – Rose quartz is also associated with the Thymus Chakra. Hence, it’s a popular belief that placing rose quartz on the chest can treat lung disorders
  4. It cures skin problems – People since ancient times, and even now, prepare an elixir with rose quartz to heal skin disorders. You can keep a pure rose quartz crystal in holy water overnight. Let the impression of the moon reflect in the bowl of water all night long. It is believed that applying this elixir can heal burns and keep the skin youthful. 

It is believed that placing a rose quartz stone on the belly of a pregnant woman protects the fetus from evil eyes. Also, medical astrologers indicate that a pure rose quartz crystal can cure kidney disorders too. 

It Brings Peace and Harmony in the Domestic Life 

Anger is the biggest dispute between couples. A rose quartz crystal is known to bring the tenderness and positivity of Venus into the life of the natives. 

  1. It reduces anger and aggression.
  2. It increases libido. Hence, the sexual desire between couples ignites too.
  3. It clears the head of the natives and they stop doubting the loyalty of their partners. 

It Can Attract Wealth and Success 

Not just a love stone, rose quartz is also rightly known as the success stone and wealth stone. 

It is believed that one should always keep a pure rose quartz crystal in the cash locker at home and the office. 

  1. Astrologers suggest that keeping a rose quartz crystal at the time of a job interview is very lucky. The stone keeps the natives confident. It increases the chances of getting the job. 
  2. It is always recommended to keep the stone inside the pocket while signing a huge business contract or starting a new business. It brings good luck.

How to Use Rose Quartz for Astrological Benefits? 

The most obvious way to use a rose quartz stone is by wearing it as jewelry. Hence, you can wear Rose quartz rings, earrings, lockets, and bracelets. Some other ways to use rose quartz for astrological benefits are as follows. 

  1. Under the Pillow for Nightmares – It is believed that keeping a pure cluster of rose quartz under the pillow keeps nightmares away. It helps the natives sleep better. 
  2. In the wallet for wealth – Astrologers strongly suggest that keeping a rose quartz stone in the wallet can attract money. The results are even better when a merchant stone and rose quartz stone are kept in the wallet together. 

In the love corner of the house for happiness – This is an excellent remedy in Feng shui that rekindles romance. It cleanses the aura of the house and the air becomes electric with love, attraction, and romance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rose quartz stone in astrology?

It’s a delicate pinkish healing stone that has been used since the times of ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, and ancient Egyptians. Its color varies from light pink to darker shades of rose pink.

2. Which is the planet for rose quartz?

Venus is the planet for rose quartz. It’s the planet of love. Hence, the rose quartz crystal is also known as the Love Stone.

3. Can anyone wear Rose quartz?

Yes. Rose quartz is a harmless stone that is known to bring emotional and physical healing. It is especially recommended for people with a weak Venus.

4. What does rose quartz attract?

Rose quartz attracts wealth and success. It’s the stone of abundance and must be kept alongside at the time of important job interviews.

5. Why is rose quartz so powerful?

It is blessed by the energy and force of Venus. And Venus is a mighty powerful planet that can, if pleased, bestow the natives with love, abundance, and wealth.

6. Is rose quartz a protection stone?

Yes. Mothers used to pass it to their newborns during medieval times. It is still recommended to keep the stone on the belly of pregnant ladies to protect the fetus from evil eyes.

7. What are the benefits of wearing rose quartz?

It offers emotional and spiritual healing. The natives feel more confident and less fearful. It is also known to bring peace to married life. It sparks romance between couples. Also, rose quartz stone is known to reduce mental stress and depression. It offers protection from heart diseases, lung disorders, and kidney disorders. Lastly, it can heal skin wounds and have anti-aging benefits.

8. Which zodiac can wear Rose quartz?

Rose quartz is the birthstone of the Taurus zodiac sign. Hence, it’s the luckiest for Taurus-borns. It can also be worn by people going through a bad relationship patch.

9. How to use rose quartz stone for astrological benefits?

It can be used by wearing jewelry items, mostly rings, earrings, bracelets, and lockets. It can also be kept under the pillow as a remedy for nightmares. Also, it’s one of the best items to put in the wallet to attract money.

10. Is rose quartz good for skin?

Yes. People since ancient times use rose quartz elixir to retain a youthful skin appearance. It can also heal wounds and burn marks.

11. Does rose quartz help with love?

Yes, it does. Its other name is the love stone. It is believed Rose quartz rekindles romance between couples and makes them sexually attracted to each other. It is also known that rose quartz dissolves suspicious nature and promotes trust between couples.

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