Business Problem

Business Problem

Mercury is the planet that’s responsible for business. The 2nd, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses are equally important.

The condition of Mercury in the 2nd, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses in the birth chart and its relationship with other planets in these houses determine the success or failure of a business. The good thing about planetary astrology, however, is that it offers all kinds of solutions, Business Problem solutions too.

Understanding the Role of Houses in Business

Every house that is associated with business governs at least one aspect that decides success or failure. The 2nd house is the house of riches, luxury, and material possessions. If afflicted, no matter what the native starts, he/she will incur only losses. The 7th house is the main house of business. Planets in this house decide whether a person has a business yog in the Kundli or not. The 9th House is the house of luck in astrology. No matter how sharp the native is, if the house of luck is unfavorable, the native will never achieve success. The 10th house in astrology is the house of career. If planets are weak or afflicted in this house, it means the native will not have a successful career. The 11th house rules finances and money in astrology. If afflicted, it means the business will end in financial turmoil.

All the 5 houses – 2nd, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th – have to be strong for business growth. Even if one of these is afflicted by malice planets, the chances of business failure are high.

Planetary Combinations Responsible for Business Problems in Astrology

Not everybody can be equally successful at business. There are certain planetary alignments that indicate business problems of different kinds. When only malice planets are present in the 2nd house and Mercury is weak, it causes heavy losses in a business. When ruling planets/Lords of the 7th house and the 2nd house are equally strong or equally weak, it means that the native will do very poorly in a partnership business. When the 11th house is strong but the 2nd house and the 9th house have afflicted planets, it creates hurdles in starting a business. When Saturn is weak in the 7th house and has evil eyes on Mercury, it indicates heavy debts in business.

Business Problem Solutions According to Astrology

Yes, badly placed planets create many hurdles in a business. But, an expert business astrologer can read the birth chart of the native and suggest effective business problem solutions. Business astrologers recommend focusing on strengthening weak Mercury before anything else. The natives should feed a cow before having breakfast to strengthen Mercury. The natives can also wear an Emerald stonering and quit alcohol to seek the blessings of planet Mercury. The next astrological business problem remedy is pleasing goddess Lakshmi. This remedy is for natives who have afflicted 2nd and 11th houses, the houses of finance and riches. The native should keep an owl keychain inside the locker at the workplace. Owl, in Hindu mythology, is the Vahan (vehicle) of Goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that keeping an owl figurine in the place where you keep money is an invitation to goddesses Lakshmi. The natives should also keep a Lakshmi Yantra at home and worship it. Business astrologers also suggest keeping a Lakshmi-Ganesh statue in the office facing Northeast. The third astrological business problem remedy is energizing the workplace. The natives should always light incense sticks in the office. It is also recommended to draw the sign of a swastika on the entrance door of the office. Another solution is to energize the workplace by sprinkling Ganga Jal in all the corners of the front desk at the office. There are many miscellaneous business problem solutions in astrology that are very effective. Seek a business astrologer to find out the lucky date to start the business and the lucky name for the business. Business astrologers also recommend that the native should wrap 11 Gomti chakras in a new red-colored silk cloth and keep them in the cash locker. Another simple yet very effective remedy for business problem solutions is keeping an energized Sri Yantra at the office.


Houses Responsible for Studies

Well-placed and strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart is the ideal combination