marriage delay

Marriage Delay

According to Vedic astrology, the 7th house in the Kundli (birth-chart) is the house of marriage. The position and condition of Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and the Sun in the 7th house decides the time of marriage.

Strong Venus in the 7th house of men and strong Jupiter in the 7th house of women result in early marriage. So, the Delay Marriage Problem is the result of Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu in the 7th house and their connection with Venus and Jupiter.

Placement of Planets Responsible for Delay in Marriage

Saturn in the 7th house delays marriage. The intention of Saturn (Shani) is not bad. It is the planet of Karma. So, if the delay Marriage problem is due to Saturn, it means that the natives are not ready for the responsibility of marriage. Such natives usually have a Yog of marriage in their birth chart after they turn 32. A strong Sun in the 7th house is the second planet that results in delayed marriage. When it’s strong, it works against Venus and Jupiter. That’s why the marriage gets delayed. Mars in the 7th house is the weirdest reason behind a delay in marriage. People can still marry if they want to, but astrologers suggest not doing it before the age of 28. The presence of The shadow planet (Rahu and Ketu) in the 7th house is the last planetary combination that results in a delay in marriage.

Planetary Combination Responsible for Late Marriage

If the ruling planet of the 7th house is weak and is sitting in the 8th House, it is a strong combination for the delay in marriage. When Venus and Saturn are connected to each other while the Moon is in the 12th house or the 8th House, it is a combination that results in extreme delay in marriage. Such natives usually get married after the age of 35. A marriage can also get extremely delayed if the ruling planet of the 7th house is weak and, at the same time, strong Mars sits in the 8th House.

Astrological Remedies for Delay Marriage Problem

There are many astrological remedies to reduce the malice of all planets responsible for delay in marriage. Hence, the problem can be solved. Pleasing Lord Shiva is the first remedy for the delay in marriage. The native should worship Shiv-Shakti by reciting the Gauri-Shankara mantra. Since Lord Shiva is the ruling deity of Rahu and Ketu, if he is pleased, he calms down the shadow planet. Women can keep Solah Somvaar Vrat (fasting for 16 consecutive Mondays) to please Lord Shiva. The natives can also wear an emerald stone ring and offer water and milk to a shivling. It is also believed that reciting the Maha Mrityunjaya Jap helps in a love marriage. The natives can also wear a bracelet or a mala made of 2 beads of a Gauri-Shankara Rudraksha. Wearing correct gemstones is the second remedy for a delayed Marriage problem. It is recommended that if there’s a Yog of delay in marriage, the women should wear a yellow sapphire ring and men should wear a diamond ring. It is recommended to wear a Red coral ring or a white coral ring for natives with Mangal dosh in their Kundli. Reciting proper mantras to calm down malice planets is the third most effective remedy for a delay in marriage. The Katyayani mantra, Surya mantra, Vivah Hetu mantra, and Gauri-Shankar mantra can remove the malice of planets causing a delay in marriage. There are some alternative astrological remedies for the Delay Marriage problem too. The natives should donate white-colored silk clothes to needy women. It is also believed that writing the Holy name, Ram, 108 times in a Bel Patra and offering that Bel Pasta to Mahadev resolves delay in marriage due to Rahu.


Houses Responsible for Studies

Well-placed and strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart is the ideal combination