love problem

Love Problem

Love and relationships are never easy. However, sometimes, the planetary alignment gets so disrupted that a love problem gets too stressful. There are, however, many ways in astrology to resolve love problems.

Most Common Love Problems due to Planets

Venus, Saturn, Mars, Ketu, and Moon are the 5 planets that astrologers read to predict the love life of a person.

The first problem that results in a breakup is the lack of passion between the couples. It is a result of weak Venus since Venus is the planet of desire, lust, and sex. The next love problem that ends a relationship is cheating on the partner. This usually happens when Venus and Moon are in a conflict. Such couples lack emotional bonding. The next serious love problem is excessive anger and aggression that might lead to violence. Saturn and Mars are the culprit planets that make a person aggressive. Such relationships can become toxic if timely astrological help isn’t taken. Another very common but painful love problem is rejection in love. It is a result of the conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the 5th House (the house of love, romance, and affairs). Another serious love problem is ego. Mars is the planet that makes a person rude and egoistic. The last worrying love problem would be estrangement and the feeling of separation between the couple. This problem is caused by Ketu, the planet of separation in astrology.

Astrological Solutions for Love Problems

Astrology offers many ways to reduce the malice of planets. As a result of which the love problems between couples can be resolved without breaking the relationship. Astrologers suggest wearing an activated (energized) moonga gemstone for anger issues in a relationship. It should be worn as a locket in a silver chain or as a ring in a silver band. The one precaution is that the stone should directly touch the skin to start its effect. You can also conduct a rudrabhishek puja to control aggression. The next solution is for mistrust between a couple. Astrologers suggest chanting the Vashikaran mantra to rekindle trust in the relationship. The vashikaran mantra is also an astrological remedy if your spouse has cheated on you and you still don’t want to end the relationship. Offering a flute to Lord Sri Krishna is a solution for rejection in love. Astrologers also recommend worshipping Radha and Krishna so that your lover accepts you. Lack of intimacy can be resolved by chanting the Venus mantra. You can also worship Kamdev (the Hindu Lord of Sex and Desire) to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Doshas that Result in Love Problems and the Astrological Solutions for Those Doshas

Some planetary combinations can create doshas in a Kundli. Some of those Doshas cause love problems. Mangal dosh is caused by Mars in the 7th house. When the natives have this dosha, they are suggested to not marry their lovers if the lovers aren’t Manglik. Astrologers, in such cases, suggest that the Manglik partner should first marry a banyan tree. It removes the threat of death from the head of the non-Manglik spouse because the Banyan tree is considered to be the first spouse of the Manglik partner. Hence, all misfortune falls upon the Banyan tree. Shani Dosha results in marriage delay that can end even a long-term relationship. In such cases, the natives can worship a Shani yantra or chant the Shani beej mantra to appease the planet Saturn. Kaal Sarp dosha is a karmic deed that creates many hurdles in the love life of a person. Astrologers suggest that Submerging 108 Nag-Nagin pairs in a flowing river can remedy this dosha.


Houses Responsible for Studies

Well-placed and strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart is the ideal combination