Office problem

Office Issues

The productivity of the workplace can substantially reduce due to the evil eyes of planets and the ill effects of black magic. Astrologers recommend correcting the Vastu of the office and keeping yantras to remedy all such office problems.

Symptoms of Planet Misalignment for Office Problems

A workplace is like the mecca of productivity. There are, however, certain planets like Moon, Rahu, and Ketu that can result in office problems if they are weak or afflicted in a birth chart.

The first symptom that points towards planetary involvement in office problems is a sudden decline in productivity and needless arguments between employees and the management team. The next symptom includes sharp monetary losses and unforeseen debts. The third and one of the most important symptoms of planetary conflict is serious disagreement between business partners that can lead to asset split and company division. Some symptoms that indicate that black magic might be the reason behind office problems include a negative atmosphere in the workplace, constant tiff between employees, loss of interest from the end of the workers, and a spree of resignations from employees on higher posts.

Symptoms of Vastu Dosh for Office Problems

Proper Vastu for the office is very important. When there’s Vastu Dosh in the office, the first symptom is a loss of interest in work from the side of the administration team. Another symptom is that the native starts losing loyal clients and tenders.

Astrological Solutions for Office Problems

Tension in the office can be remedied by following suggestions given by expert astrologers. Correcting the Vastu of the office is the first remedy to deal with office problems. The office building should face North or Northeast direction only. Also, it’s important that there should be no opening behind the work chair of the employees. It is also recommended that no idol of any God should be kept on top of the work desk. Astrologers also suggest that the cabin of the boss should strictly face towards the South direction. Keeping special yantras in the office is an effective remedy to reduce the malice of planets. Keeping the Sampurna Karyeshu Yantra in the office reduces conflicts between the boss and employees and helps in getting back stuck money. It is also used as a solution when debts start rising suddenly. Hanging the Lord Kuber Yantra on a wall so that it faces North or East is a known astrological solution to remedy financial losses. Lord Kuber is the Lord of Gold and wealth. So, keeping an energized Kuber yantra starts the inflow of money.

Keeping a Sri Yantra in office removes the ill-effects of Vastu dosh and offers protection from the ill-effects of black magic. Astrologers also suggest reciting certain mantras to remove office problems. The first mantra is the Lord Ganesha Beej mantra: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. Reciting it 108 times using a rudraksha mala removes financial hurdles in the business. The second mantra that opens growth opportunities for a business is the Hanuman mantra: Om Shree Hanumate Namaha. It should be recited 21 times. There are also some alternative solutions for office problems that astrologers suggest. The natives should always light incense sticks in front of the Lakshmi/Kuber yantra every morning in the office. It is also recommended to worship Lord Surya (Sun) by offering him water at sunrise while chanting the Surya beej mantra 108 times.


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