Going through a divorce can leave you in an emotional mess. Conflicts are the reasons behind such estrangement. But, the reason behind those conflicts is planetary misalignment. Astrology offers many remedies for divorce to protect a marriage from breaking.

Indication Towards a Divorce Problem

Astrologers suggest matching Kundlis of the girl and boy before marriage since it can predict whether or not the marriage will work.

Fighting is normal, but certain signs indicate that your marriage might be moving towards a divorce. If the couple starts living in separate bedrooms, it indicates serious estrangement. If the couple fails to make physical relations with each other, it’s another indication of divorce. If the couple likes to spend more time with people of the opposite sex and intentionally ignore each other, it means that the marriage is close to an end.

Planets Responsible for a Divorce Problem

Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Sun are the 4 planets behind a divorce. Saturn makes a Yog for a divorce if it is in the 1st or 7th house. It makes the native a person of little faith. Such natives accuse and doubt their spouses of cheating. It can ultimately lead to a divorce. Mars makes a Yog for a divorce when it sits in the 7th house at the same time when the ruling planet of the 12th house (the house of separation and isolation) is in the 4th house. Also, Mars in the 7th house when the ruling planet of the 4th house is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house can lead to a divorce. Rahu makes a yog for divorce when the ruling planets of the 7th and 12th houses are afflicted by Rahu. Another possible divorce combination is when the ruling planet of the 12th house is connected with Rahu while sitting in the 4th House. The Sun makes a yog for divorce when the ruling planet of the 7th house is weak and the Sun is present in the 8th House at that very moment.

Astrological Remedies for a Divorce Problem

Lord Shiva has an ideal marriage with his wife, Devi Parvati. Hence, the first astrological remedy to resolve a divorce problem is pleasing Lord Shiva who can save a marriage. The native going through the phase of estrangement must recite the Shiv-Shakti mantra using a rudraksha mala every day. The native must visit a Shiva temple and offer water, milk, and belpatra to a shivling. It is also believed that wearing a rudraksha can protect a marriage from breaking. The second astrological remedy to resolve a divorce problem chanting powerful mantras for stopping a divorce. There are 4 such mantras that can effectively stop a divorce, the Venus mantra, the Lalita Sahasranama mantra, the Mars mantra, and the Moon mantra. The third astrological remedy to resolve a divorce problem is conducting pujas at home. You can conduct a special navagraha puja to please afflicted planets that are creating a combination of divorce. You can keep a Swayamvara Parvati yantra at home and worship in front of it. You can worship a Banyan or a peepal tree on Thursdays by offering water and lighting a Diya in front of the tree. The fourth astrological remedy to resolve a divorce problem is correcting the Vastu of the bedroom. Use light pastel colors like pink and lavender for the bedroom walls. Avoid colors like dark red that resonate with the destructive energy of Mars. Make sure that your head faces South or East when you’re sleeping. You can also tie a pink satin cloth on all 4 legs of the bed. Also, the bed of the master bedroom should be the biggest in the house. Never use two single mattresses for a couple’s bed. It creates separation and division between spouses. Always use a king-size mattress for a couple’s bed.


Houses Responsible for Studies

Well-placed and strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart is the ideal combination