intercast marriage

Intercast Marriage

There are two kinds of love marriages according to astrology – love marriage within the same caste and inter-caste marriage. Inter-caste marriage is the one that old people usually oppose. However, there’s no such restriction according to astrology.

Planets and Houses Responsible for Inter-caste Marriages

An inter-caste marriage can happen between two people from the same country and also with a foreign spouse.

The planets that create the Yog of an intercaste marriage are Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn. Whilst the first 4 planets indicate a spouse from a different caste from the same country, Saturn is the one planet that’s mostly responsible for a foreign spouse. Astrologers read the placement, condition, and relationship of these planets with each other in the 5th house (the house of romance), the 7th house (the house of marriage), and the 12th house (the house of foreign travel) to find out if the native will have an intercaste marriage.

Combinations for an Inter-caste Marriage in Astrology

Planets and houses have interesting connections with each other that signify whether or not the natives will have an intercaste marriage. Benefic Rahu in the 7th house that has friendly relations with Venus is the first strong combination for inter-caste marriage. This combination is valid for the Kundli of males only. The next combination is for a foreign spouse. The simultaneous presence of Saturn and the ruling planet of the 7th house in the 7th house indicates a spouse from a faraway land. The presence of Venus and Saturn together in the D1 chart or Navamsa chart is another combination that astrologers read to predict an intercaste marriage with a foreign spouse.

Do Intercaste Marriages Result in a Divorce in the End?

The biggest fear in India is that a love marriage, especially an intercaste marriage, will always end in a divorce. This is, however, wrong. Just as an arranged marriage, the success and failure of an intercaste love marriage depend upon the placement of planets in specific houses (mostly, the 5th, 7th, and 12th houses).

How to Predict the Success of an Intercaste Marriage?

Whilst the 7th house stands for wedding and the 12th house stands for a wedding with a foreigner, it’s the 5th house that stands for love. Hence, the planets in the 5th house and their condition predict the success and failure of intercaste marriages. Strong Venus in the 5th, while no malice planet is in the 11th house,indicates the success of an intercaste marriage between natives from the same country. The next indication of a successful intercaste marriage is the connection of benefic Mars with Venus and Rahu. This combination is, in fact, very necessary to get an intercaste marriage in the first place if you’re from a very conservative family. That’s because Mars is the only planet that can offer the phenomenal courage and bravery to fight against orthodox norms. Another very strong combination for a successful intercaste marriage is thepresence of friendly planets in the 3rd House and the 5th House. The connection of Mercury with the 5th House or Venus is unfortunate when it comes to having children. Whilst it might not end the marriage, it will result in many disputes.


Houses Responsible for Studies

Well-placed and strong Jupiter and Mercury in the birth chart is the ideal combination